The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Cemetery Notes

    J. M. Weaver of Eugene is among our latest acquisitions, having purchased the old I.O.O.F. cemetery for a residence location, paying $65 per acre for the land. He owns a large tract of land in the upper Rogue River country, and intends to carry on the ranching business while residing in the lower valley.
"Medford Squibs," Democratic Times, Jacksonville, January 1, 1892, page 2

    A neat little tool house has recently been erected in the Odd Fellows cemetery.
Medford Mail, March 30, 1894, page 3

    It is reported to the Mail that through the carelessness of someone in leaving the gate to the Odd Fellows' cemetery open, loose stock have gained access thereto and have done considerable damage to the different plots. There should be steps taken to see that such does not occur again. The fence around the cemetery should be repaired if necessary and care taken that the gates should be kept fastened.
"City Happenings," Medford Mail, May 8, 1908, page 5

    Another evidence of the desire of people to lay away their dead in stone tombs in the mausoleum is seen in the effort of the friends of Frank A. Douglas, who purchased a tomb in the mausoleum to be erected in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, and his remains have been tenderly laid away in a temporary stone receptacle in the cemetery to await the completion of the mausoleum.
    His temporary entombment is provided by the Portland Mausoleum Company, which it does for all subscribers who may have use for the same before the permanent building is ready.
    Such an experience plainly shows that in order to have such provision to lay away the dead, the living must prepare it when they least need it in order to have it when they most need it.
Medford Mail Tribune, December 19, 1912, page 3

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