The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Voters 1914

I've corrected many typographical errors; I'm sure just as many went unrecognized--and I've no doubt added a few of my own. Names are not consistently alphabetized.

for the city of Medford, Oregon, for
the municipal election to be held in Medford on


L. E. Ackley, 524 N. Riverside
Lorenzo D. Ackley, 604 N. Riverside
Watson Adams, 615 S. Central
Eli J. Adams, 615 S. Central
Belle D. Allaway, 210 Beatty
Walter C. Allaway, 210 Beatty
Adelia Allen, 1025 Court
Charles L. Allen, 134 S. Bartlett
Sadie B. Allen, 134 S. Bartlett
Cora M. Amann, 1017 N. Riverside
Eugene Amann, 1017 N. Riverside
Elgan C. Amidon, 832 N. Central
William Angle, 609 E. Main
Charles W. Ashpole, 106 Tripp
John Ashpole, 106 Tripp
Charles H. Aussicker, 840 S. Riverside
William E. Barber, 312 Portland
Flora E. Barnes, 624 N. Riverside
Joseph C. Barnes, 624 N. Riverside
Karen M. Bateman, 302 Maple
Samuel Bateman, 302 Maple
William H. Battle, 301 E. Main
Roland G. Beach, 516 Liberty
Jessie Beach, 516 Liberty
James H. Beck, 1158 N. Court
Marie E. Bennett, 531 S. Riverside
Samuel L. Bennett, 531 S. Riverside
Lenora H. Bennett, 810 E. Jackson
Roy H. Bennett, 810 E. Jackson
Hattie L. Berrian, 114 Genessee
James W. Berrian, 114 Genessee
Leland S. Beveridge, 825 Reddy Avenue
Karen G. Beveridge, 825 Reddy Avenue
Ernest N. Biden, 1020 Court
John Billings, 18 Myrtle
Terry E. Billings, 1405 N. Riverside
Lorin R. Bingham, 931 S. Central
Clara A. Bingham, 931 S. Central
Allen W. Bish, 1063 Court
George Bishop, 926 N. Central
David J. Bliss, 121 Cottage
Earl E. Bobier, 717 N. Riverside
Minnie A. Boeck, 310 S. Riverside
Ivy Boeck, 310 S. Riverside
George N. Bonney, 1010 E. Eleventh
Henry E. Boyden, 344 N. Central
Charles Boyden, 344 N. Central
Isabelle Boyden, 344 N. Central
Robert H. Boyl, 1421 E. Main
Noah B. Bradbury, 306 Apple
Edward W. Brainerd, 838 Bennett
Nellie E. Brainerd, 838 Bennett
Lewis B. Brown, 339 S. Central
Albert T. Brown, 329 S. Riverside
Elsie T. Brown, 905 S. Central
Charles A. Brown, 905 S. Central
Daisy Brown, 120 Roosevelt
Edward G. Brown, 120 Roosevelt
John D. Buchanan, 830 E. Taylor
May Buchanan, 830 E. Taylor
Effie Burch, 215 Cottage
Jennie Burke, 344 N. Bartlett
Clarence F. Burke, 344 N. Bartlett
Ora M. Burnett, 220 E. Ninth
Maida Burnett, 217 S. Riverside
Mae C. Burnett, 220 E. Ninth
Grace L. Burris, 233 S. Riverside
Harry N. Butler, 212 N. Bartlett
Edith N. Butler, 212 N. Bartlett
Carrie L. Calkins, 813 Minnesota
Frank M. Calkins, 813 Minnesota
Etta M. Call, 623 S. Central
Abner B. Campbell, 1020 N. Central
Anna Campbell, 1020 N. Central
Zack Cameron, 627 S. Central
Bernice Cameron, 112 Geneva
Esther J. Cameron, 112 Geneva
William H. Canon, 203 Genessee
Eben W. L. Carkin, 1334 Reddy
Vida T. Carkin, 1427 E. Main
John H. Carkin, 1427 E. Main
Ida L. Carkin, 1334 Reddy
Theone Carkin, 1334 Reddy
Andrew J. Chalk, Hutchison & Lumsden Bldg.
Effie Chapman, 375 S. Central
Charles A. Chapman, 375 S. Central
Victoria M. Chessmore, 30 Cottage
Guy A. Childers, 215 Vancouver
Henry B. Chidester, 819 Bennett
Lewis W. Childs, 208 Vancouver
Willard E. Church, 807 S. Central
Delos B. Churchill, 328 N. Central
Homer D. Churchill, 328 N. Central
William G. Cleveland, corner Prune and Niantic
John H. Cochran, 246 S. Riverside
Estelle Cochran, 246 S. Riverside
Belle Cochran, 307 E. Sixth
Mabel C. Cofield, 107 Roosevelt
Albert R. Coffin, 1205 E. Main
Mina Wall Colvig, 443 S. Central
Sam Colbert, 902 N. Central
Thomas Collins, 110 Almond
Kate M. Collins, 110 Almond
Anna Conklin, 205 Apple
Charles W. Conklin, 205 Apple
Earl O. Conklin, 205 Apple
Robert J. Conroy, Nob Hill
Lucile R. Conrad, 119 Roosevelt
Hal L. Conrad, 119 Roosevelt
Dora E. Corey, 524 S. Riverside
George E. Corey, 524 S. Riverside
Jennie M. Corey, 309 E. Jackson
Clarence H. Corey, 309 E. Jackson
Ada Cotherman, 217 S. Riverside
Ralph P. Cowgill, 211 Stark
Robert P. Cowgill, 211 Stark
Franklin L. Cranfill, 147 S. Central
Lucius L. Crabb, 827 S. Central
Virgie E. Craig, 113 Tripp
James B. Craig, 113 Tripp
George Crigmire, 217 Vancouver
Ellis A. Crips, 518 N. Riverside
William S. Crowell, 118 Genessee
Ethel Curry, 301 S. Central
Patrick H. Daily, 101 S. Cottage
Lutie B. Daily, 101 S. Cottage
James Daily, 1034 Court
Loren L. Damon, 414 S. Riverside
Luzella Damon, 414 S. Riverside
Joseph Daniel, 317 E .Jackson
Lillian M. Daniels, 10 Keene Way
Lillie M. Daron, 409 N. Riverside
John A. Daron, 409 N. Riverside
Lucy M. Davis, 719 S. Central
Julia B. Dexter, 213 N. Beatty
Edward S. Dexter, 213 N. Beatty
George W. Dick, 1016 Court
George Deitrick, 330 Portland
Jesse F. Donnell, 717 E. Jackson
Annette Dow, 632 N. Central
George W. Dow, 632 N. Central
Daniel W. Driskel, 836 E. Main
Alexander Duff, 333 E. Jackson
Ella Duff, 333 E. Jackson
Charles Duffield, 302 E. Ninth
Margaret Dunlap, 22 Berkeley Way, Siskiyou Heights
James W. Dunlap, 22 Berkeley Way, Siskiyou Heights
George T. Dyer, 1114 N. Central
Hattie I. Dyer, 1114 N. Central
Jesse W. Dressler, 117 Cottage
John T. Eads, 121 Roosevelt
Orson L. Early, 217 S. Riverside
Una L. Early, 217 S. Riverside
Harriet G. Edmeads, 305 E. Jackson
Rufus Edmeads, 532 Edwards
Emory O. Eldridge, 502 N. Riverside
Mary E. Eldridge, 502 N. Riverside
Hugh Elliott, 619 N. Riverside
Lloyd R. Elwood, 135 S. Central
Lou A. Elwood, 135 S. Central
Elmer D. Elwood, 135 S. Central
Andrew J. Emerson, 114 Tripp
Laura A. Emerson, 114 Tripp
Margaret Fabrick, 711 E. Main
Glen Fabrick, 711 E. Main
August Faske, 511 E. Main
Julia C. Fielder, 710 E. Main
Rose Athea M. Fielder, 710 E. Main
Turner A. Fifer, 921 Reddy
Leila Fouts, 515 S. Riverside
Otto R. Fouts, 515 S. Riverside
Meda Fox, 301 S. Central
Wick Fox, 301 S. Central
George B. Franks, 242 Beatty
Cleon H. Franks, 242 Beatty
Frederick Frideger Jr., 311 N. Bartlett
Edith L. Frost, 213 N. Roosevelt
Charles W. Frost, 213 N. Roosevelt
Ida Fryrear, 214 Vancouver
Robert Fryrear, 214 Vancouver
Thomas J. Fuson, 235 S. Central
Anne Fuson, 235 S. Central
Earl C. Gaddis, 821 N. Riverside
Katherine A. Gaddis, 821 N. Riverside
Paul L. Gappae, Colonial Flat, Room 9
Leah A. Gates, 31 Geneva
Charles E. Gates, 31 Geneva
Milton M. Gault, 343 Apple
Mary R. Gault, 343 Apple
Jonathan Gerking, 228 E. Main
Henry C. Glascock, 256 Beatty
Nora M. Glascock, 256 Beatty
Judson G. Goble, 333 E. Sixth
Bessie May Goble, 333 E. Sixth
Laura B. Godlove, 345 N. Bartlett
Robert E. Gorden, 709 N. Riverside
Hattie Gore, 116 Geneva
James Gregg, 106 Almond
Mabel Hall, 315 S. Central
Court Hall, 315 S. Central
Isaiah L. Hamilton, 616 N. Central
Dora A. Hanners, 1028 E. Eleventh
James Harding, 611 N. Bartlett
Edward C. Hart, 227 E. Sixth
Leon B. Haskins, 113 Geneva
Frances Haskins, 229 N. Bartlett
Helen L. Haskins, 229 N. Bartlett
Arthur F. Hazelrigg, 107 Roosevelt
Albert C. Hazelrigg, 819 Main
Daisy L. Hazelrigg, 107 Roosevelt
Louise Hedges, 313 E. Main
Alvin R. Hedges, 308 E. Main
Harry H. Helms, 515 S. Central
Georgia Helms, 515 S. Central
Leo L. Heisel, 806 E. Jackson
Winnye Heisel, 806 E. Jackson
Charles L. Heskett, 1024 E. Eleventh
Emma V. Heskett, 1024 E. Eleventh
Elmer A. Hick, 310 N. Bartlett
Anna E. Hicks, 310 N. Bartlett
Albert N. Hildebrand, 919 Reddy
William Hinton, corner Fifth and Riverside
Jesse F. Hittson, 1122 E. Main
Laura B. Hittson, 1122 E. Main
Georgia Hogsett, 912 N. Central
Emmett C. Hogsett, 912 N. Central
Leo J. Holbrook, 121 N. Roosevelt
Katherine Holloway, 710 E. Main
Minnie E. Holmes, 727 S. Central
Hans J. Holmes, 727 S. Central
William M. Holmes, 603 S. Riverside
Emily A. Holmes, 603 S. Riverside
Emma J. Hoon, 30 Keene Way
Charles B. Hoon, 30 Keene Way
Horace D. Howard, 827 E. Jackson
James S. Howard, 128 N. Central
Fort Hubbard, 440 S. Riverside
Asahel C. Hubbard, 322 S. Riverside
William M. Humphrey, 344 N. Central
William H. Humphrey, 22 Geneva
Henry Humphrey, 22 Geneva
George A. Hunt, 249 S. Riverside
William J. Iredale, 117 S. Central
Grace Iredale, 117 S. Central
George A. Jackson, 906 E. Main
William B. Jackson, 842 E. Main
Howard C. Jackson, 407 E. Fourteenth
Sarah Jackson, 906 E. Main
Martha A. Jackson, 407 E. Fourteenth
Eula E. Jacobs, 125 S. Central
Lee L. Jacobs, 125 S. Central
Arthur J. Johnston, 202 Stark
Farley Johnson, 245 S. Central
Clara Johnson, 245 S. Central
Florence E. Johnson, 245 S. Central
Alice Johnson, 245 S. Central
Robert B. Jones, rear of 628 N. Central
Mary Jones, 824 Taylor
William M. Jones, 301 E. Main
James C. Jones, 245 N. Riverside
Lucy A. Jordan, 516 E. Main
Francis M. Jordan, 516 E. Main
Eva B. Jordan, 101 Almond
Allison V. Jordan, 101 Almond
Ada M. Judson, 319 Beatty
Thomas P. Kahler, 23 Almond
Elizabeth Kahler, 23 Almond
George O. Kaufman, 1020 E. Eleventh
Walter A. Keizur, 1021 Niantic
Helen M. Kent, 818 E. Main
Luman B. Kent, 818 E. Main
Dolph Kent, 313 Genessee
Arthur C. Kent, 401 E. Fifth
James Kent, 401 E. Fifth
Alex Kerr, 721 S. Central
Peter M. Kershaw, 336 S. Riverside
Silas Kidder, 326 Alice
Herman J. Klein, 524 N. Bartlett
Edward J. Klein, 524 N. Bartlett
Clarence A. Knight, 801 E. Main
Jack Koesjan, 227 E. Sixth
Porter Laudram, 429 S. Central
Francis M. Laudram, 429 S. Central
Belle Laudram, 429 S. Central
Clay Laudram, 429 S. Central
Homer A. Latta, 104 Geneva
Dennison T. Lawton, 310 N. Bartlett
Millie R. Lawton, 310 N. Bartlett
Ethel M. Lawrentz, 302 Willamette
Delbert J. Lawrentz, 302 Willamette
Carrie Leonard, 14 Cottage
Samuel L. Leonard, 14 Cottage
Charles L. Lining, 823 E. Sherman
Roy E. Lindley, 106 Roosevelt
Harvey R. Ling, 826 E. Main
James W. Ling, 826 E. Main
Robert P. Little, 823 Taylor
Rhoda L. Little, 823 Taylor
Myrtle S. Lockwood, 45 Lindley
Sheridan A. Lockwood, 45 Lindley
Robert J. Lockwood, 1030 N. Central
Ella Lunt, 854 E. Ninth
Lanz M. Lyon, 716 E. Main
William Mack, 215 E. Main
Earnest V. Maddox, 26 Portland
Annie C. Maddox, 26 Portland
John C. Mann, 27 Geneva
Abram L. Marquis, 722 N. Riverside
Mary K. Marquis, 722 N. Riverside
James G. Martin, 624 N. Central
Thomas C. Mason, 722 N. Riverside
Nannie Matney, 445 N. Bartlett
Roy L. Maule, 307 E. Ninth
Jesse H. Maxwell, 703 Beatty
Edith Maxwell, 703 Beatty
Harriett B. May, 311 Ashland
John T. May, 311 Ashland
Sarah M. Mealey, 31 Roosevelt
William P. Mealey, 31 Roosevelt
Ella E. Medynski, 316 N. Central
Fred V. Medynski, 316 N. Central
George S. Medley, 1110 E. Eleventh
William A. Medley, 211 Genessee
Grover Medley, 211 Genessee
William H. Meeker, 311 N. Bartlett
Ruth M. Merrick, 839 E. Main
Fred E. Merrick, 839 E. Main
William Miller, 846 Taylor
Maude Miller, 314 Howard
Floyd Milligan, 229 N. Riverside
Ida Minkler, 619 S. Riverside
Frank L. Minkler, 619 S. Riverside
John W. Mitchell, 28 Geneva
Phoebe Mitchell, 28 Geneva
Maud E. Montgomery 619 S. Riverside
Robert F. Montgomery 619 S. Riverside
Albert Moore, 328 N. Central
Bradford L. Morser, 401 E. Fifth, Room 4
Oren M. Murphy, 615 S. Central
Charles P. Murray, 122 Tripp
Jacob L. McAhron, 411 Beatty
Hurlbut D. McBride, 117 S. Central
Metta V. McBride, 117 S. Central
Cora T. McCabe, 319 Portland
Robert R. McCabe, 319 Portland
Wm. E. McCracken, 320 Apple
Grace McCallum, 406 Beatty
Eva W. McDonald, 823 E. Main
Mary J. McDonald, 122 Cottage
Medrum C. McDonald, 122 Cottage
Chester W. McDonald, 823 E. Main
Martin McDonough, 307 E. Sixth
Etta M. McDonough, 307 E. Sixth
Lind Nilson, 40 Cottage
Robert A. Newland, 851 E. Ninth
Eolah Nichols, 703 E. Main
George W. Nichols, 703 E. Main
Maude Nichols, 703 E. Main
Charles T. Nicholson, 212 N. Bartlett
Laura Nottage, 843 E. Main
Annie E. Nye, 835 E. Main
Stephen A. Nye, 835 E. Main
William N. Offutt Sr., 907 E. Main
Frank L. Orr, 1103 N. Riverside
Jeremiah O'Toole, 213 S. Central
Ferdinand Osenbrugge, 401 S. Riverside
Frederick C. Page, 801 E. Main
William Parrish, 131 Almond
Joseph J. Parker, 28 Myrtle
Louise N. Parker, 23 Roosevelt
Thaddeus N. Patton, 406 Beatty
Minnie J. Payne, 421 N. Riverside
Mary Payne, 135 N. Bartlett
Charles W. Pearl, 321 Ashland
Mattie E. Pefley, 1112 Reddy
Frank A. Pefley, 1112 Reddy
Frank A. Peil, 533 Austin
Maggie Peil, 533 Austin
Nellie M. Perl, 229 Apple
John A. Perl, 229 Apple
Richard R. Phelan, 36 Portland
Catherine Phillips, 117 S. Central
William E. Phipps, 1239 N. Riverside
Clara Phipps, 1239 N. Riverside
Clara E. Phipps, 1102 N. Riverside
David I. Phipps, 1102 N. Riverside
Laura M. Phipps, 328 N. Riverside
Prue M. Platt, 815 E. Jackson
Jane E. Plymale, 301 S. Central
Maud C. Ponting, 302 Portland
Rosa Ponting, 326 Portland
Florence E. Ponting, 302 Portland
John Ponting, 326 Portland
Ada Porter, 619 E. Main
Maud A. Porter, 18 Almond
Luther G. Porter, 619 E. Main
Jewell C. Porter, 126 Portland
George Porter, 18 Almond
Rena B. Purdin, 21 Geneva
Mahlon Purdin, 21 Geneva
Hans L. Rasmussen, 401 E. Fifth
Frank E. Redden, 1016 Reddy
Owney F. Reddy, 406 S. Riverside
Thomas Reddy, 406 S. Riverside
Lydia M. Reed, 36 N. Riverside
Collins Lee Reed, 36 N. Riverside
Mamie Reed, 36 N. Riverside
Alfred B. Reed, 36 N. Riverside
Albert R. Rhodes, 417 N. Bartlett
Jane Rhodes, 417 N. Bartlett
Mamie E. Riddle, corner Sixth and Bartlett
Floyd J. Rippey, 345 N. Riverside
Sarah Robbins, 215 Ashland
Martha C. Roberts, 40 Roosevelt
James E. Roberts, 40 Roosevelt
William D. Roberts, 24 Roosevelt
Eva Roberts, 24 Roosevelt
Ida C. Robertson, 116 Geneva
Herbert L. Robinson, 845 Bennett
Edwin F. Robinson, 836 Taylor
Homer W. Rothermel, 108 Geneva
Glenn Rood, 217 S. Riverside
Orson M. Rose, 136 Portland
Arthur B. Saling, 20 Tripp
Pearl Saling, 20 Tripp
William Schulz, 213 S. Central
Henry G. Shearer, 832 E. Main
Belle Shearer, 832 E. Main
Mattie Shirley, 28 Almond
James W. Shirley, 28 Almond
John D. Skinner, 1020 E. Main
Mary E. Skinner, 1020 E. Main
Florence Slorah, 350 S. Riverside
James A. Slorah, 350 S. Riverside
Viola F. Simmons, 425 Manzanita
Annie Smith, 501 Beatty
Perry R. Smith, 501 Beatty
James W. Smylie, 830 Bennett
Kittie Smylie, 830 Bennett
Luther L. Snell, 21 Genessee
Sarah Snell, 21 Genessee
Mary A. Stennett, 1014 E. Eleventh
Clara Stuart, 519 S. Central
Amos F. Stennett, 1014 E. Eleventh
Richard I. Stuart, 519 S. Central
William M. Stine, 514 Beatty
Annie Stine, 514 Beatty
Hanna Stine, 209 N. Riverside
Harry S. Stine, 209 N. Riverside
Kate Stine, 514 Beatty
Harry C. Stoddard, 1327 Reddy
Minnie Stoddard, 1327 Reddy
John W. Taylor, 628 N. Central
Robert S. Taylor, corner Taylor and Myrtle
Caswell W. Taylor, 839 Taylor
Alfred S. Tee, 705 N. Riverside
Florence Thaler, 802 E. Jackson
B. Paul Theiss, 704 N. Central
Carrie Tinker, 505 Beatty
Estella Tomlinson, 221 Vancouver
Harry K. Tomlinson, 221 Vancouver
Mary Townsend, 719 Bennett
Noah L. Townsend, 719 Bennett
Howard H. Tripp, 11 Tripp
Edwin G. Trowbridge, 131 Tripp
Eva D. True, 413 S. Central
Jeremiah F. True, 413 S. Central
Charles E. Tull, 111 Genessee
Ella M. Tull, 111 Genessee
George C. Ulrich, 15 Keene Way
Minnie L. Ulrich, 15 Keene Way
Maud Van Scoyoc, 811 Bennett
Walter M. Van Scoyoc, 811 Bennett
Walter L. Valentine, 1321 E. Jackson
Oran B. Verbick, 531 E. Main
Elmira Vinson, 144 N. Riverside
Henry Vinson, 144 N. Riverside
Matie Vroman, 124 Tripp
Allie E. Vroman, 124 Tripp
Orris G. Vroman, 110 Tripp
Austin L. Vroman, 124 Tripp
Minnie Wagner, 227 S. Central
Martin W. Wagner, 718 Sherman
Nancy M. Wall, 525 S. Central
Ellis Wall, 525 S. Central
Daniel S. R. Walker, 633 Pine
William B. Waltermire, 1059 Court
Harry L. Walther, Siskiyou Heights
Charrie J. Walther, Siskiyou Heights
George Watson, 525 S. Central
James E. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Helen T. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Alice M. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
William H. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Jule Wattenberg, 511 S. Central
Willard D. Welch, 806 N. Riverside
Martha Wells, 334 Apple
John A. Westerlund, 916 E. Main
Ella C. Westerlund, 916 E. Main
William S. Weston, 723 Sherman
Clarence Wheeler, 249 S. Riverside
William K. Whisenant, 207 Cottage
Jacob W. Whitehurst, 131 S. Almond
Bertha H. Welch, 806 N. Riverside
Theodore C. Wicks, 815 Bennett
Bessie D. Wicks, 815 Bennett
John U. Willeke, 618 E. Main
C. Frank Willeke, 618 E. Main
Ella C. Willeke, 618 E. Main
Bessie Willeke, 618 E. Main
Thomas J. Williamson, 510 E. Main
Jane Wilson, 135 N. Bartlett
Maggie Wilson, 506 Beatty
Willet C. Wilson, 411 Beatty
Cora F. Wilson, 225 Beatty
Horatio F. Wilson, 225 Beatty
Dennis F. Wilson, 506 Beatty
Harry L. Wilson, 506 Beatty
Elmer E. Wilson, 424 Beatty
Josie Wilson, 411 Beatty
Myrtle Wilson, 424 Beatty
Richard L. Wimer, 511 Austin
Clara Wines, 641 N. Pine
Elvira Wines, 641 N. Pine
Jacob I. Wise, 325 E. Jackson
Sarah E. Wise, 325 E. Jackson
Percy L. Wood, 220 N. Bartlett
Grace L. Wood, 220 N. Bartlett
James C. Woods, 432 Boardman
James E. Woods, 1115 Court
George H. Wolf, 340 S. Riverside
Alice M. Wolfe, 245 S. Central
Olive Worthington, 1317 N. Riverside
Sarah T. Wolverton, 305 E. Jackson
Alexander L. Wright, 102 Tripp
Otis Wright, 102 Tripp

John C. Atkin, 1099 W. Ninth
Arthur A. Akins, 512 S. Holly
Lottie F. Akins, 512 S. Holly
Moses L. Alford, 106 S. Ivy
Rachel L. Alford, 106 S. Ivy
Oscar O. Alenderfer, 506 S. Newtown
William D. Allen, 311 S. Oakdale
Rebecca Allen, 615 S. Oakdale
Hiram S. Allen, at rear 615 S. Oakdale
Oakes H. Ames, 310 S. Central
Lydia M. Amy, 320 S. Holly
Frank M. Amy, 320 S. Holly
Effie L. Andrews, 202 S. Orange
J. B. Andrews, 202 S. Orange
Sarah M. Andrus, 510 S. Fir
Dwight R. Andrus, 510 S. Fir
Robert F. Anderson, 244 S. Central
Katherine Antle, 1013 W. Main
John S. Antle, 1013 W. Main
James H. Atwell, 129 W. Eleventh
Ralph G. Bardwell, 1002 S. Oakdale
Bertha E. Bardwell, 1002 S. Oakdale
Nettie Barneburg, 601 W. Tenth
John Barneburg, 601 W. Tenth
Nannie Barr, 509 W. Eleventh
Melvin B. Banker, 423 S. King
Bessie B. Banker, 423 S. King
William Barr, 509 W. Eleventh
Clarence Bates, 108 Mistletoe
William A. Bates, 17 S. Newtown
Joel T. Bates, 108 S. Mistletoe
Bell Bates, 32 Newtown
James W. Bates, 32 Newtown
Henry G. Bates, 32 Newtown
Henry C. Behling, 122 S. Mistletoe
Helen S. Behling, 122 S. Mistletoe
James D. Bell, 25 Nash Hotel
Claudia Bell, 25 Nash Hotel
Jennie Bellinger, 404 S. Peach
John H. Bellinger, 404 S. Peach
Archie O. Bennett, 344 S. Central
Sibyl S. M. Bird, 604 W. Tenth
Emma Bittner, 19 Jeanette
Ethel W. Boggs, 109 S. Orange
O. Carter Boggs, 109 S. Orange
Charles E. Bonham, 540 S. Fir
Roderick F. Booth, 515 S. Grape
Thomas C. Booth, 38 S. Grape
Robert Boswell, 1002 W. Eleventh
Mary E. Bowling, 20 S. Peach
James Bowling, 20 S. Peach
Charles R. Bowman, 224 S. Newtown
Vernie Boyd, 1023 W. Ninth
Clarence R. Boyd, 1023 W. Ninth
John H. Boussum, 443 S. Central
Edith C. Boyer, 821 W. Twelfth
Jeanne Brackinreed, 618 Dakota
Allen Brackinreed, 618 Dakota
Isaiah H. Bradford, 144 S. Central
Dick Bradley 318 S. Laurel
Maud Bradley, 318 S. Laurel
John E. Bradley, 337 W. Tenth
Frank S. Brandon, 337 S. Oakdale
Martha A. Brandon, 337 S. Oakdale
Elgin F. Bratney, 1021 W. Tenth
Berdie B. Bratney, 1021 W. Tenth
Erlem F. Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Jennie Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Sydney J. Bristoe, 520 S. Hamilton
Sydney I. Brown, 528 W. Seventh
Mary P. Brown, 605 S. Newtown
Carolyn P. Brown, 1207 W. Main
Jacob R. Buckmaster, 242 S. Holly
Bird L. Buckmaster, 242 S. Holly
Minnie L. Budge, 611 W. Tenth
William Budge, 611 W. Tenth
Charles G. Bullis, 16 S. Laurel
Baker N. Bunch, 246 S. Ivy
Louis Bundy, 504 S. Central
Edith B. Bundy, 504 S. Central
Thomas G. Burrows, 502 S. Newtown
Minnie J. Burrows, 502 S. Newtown
Dolph Burkhardt, 737 W. Fourteenth
Fannie Burgess, 106 S. Grape
Frank L. Burgess, 106 S. Grape
Charles S. Butterfield, 318 S. Hamilton
Camille Butterfield, 318 S. Hamilton
Basil N. Butler, 8 S. Orange
John A. Caldwell, 16 Jeanette
Hattie Campbell, 714 S. Eighth
Jean Campbell, 528 S. Grape
Edgar N. Campbell, 528 S. Grape
William N. Campbell, 714 W. Eighth
William J. Canton, 822 W. Twelfth
Amos A. Casper, 309 S. Newtown
Frank G. Carlow, 26 S. Laurel
Eva M. Carlow, 26 S. Laurel
Jeanette Carlton, 320 S. Laurel
Jennie Carlton, 320 S. Laurel
Robert Carlton, 320 S. Laurel
Charles B. Carlton, 320 S. Laurel
George M. Childreth, 1113 W. Eleventh
Harry L. Cingcade, 438 S. Fir
Lulu Cingcade, 438 S. Fir
Emory Clayville, 1129 W. Ninth
Myrtle Clayville, 1129 W. Ninth
Horace N. Clark, 344½ S. Grape
Mary Cleveland, 920 S. Central
Vance D. Colvig, 8 S. Laurel
William M. Colvig, 8 S. Laurel
Don L. Colvig, 928 S. Holly
Star M. Colvig, 928 S. Holly
Ray Cole, 312 S. Grape
Ulysses S. Collins, 1136 S. Tenth
Jessie W. Coss, 604 W. Tenth
Howard N. Coss, 604 W. Tenth
Frank Craig, 1118 W. Eleventh
William H. Crawford, 334 S. Grape
Amy E. Crawford, 20 Laurel
Oris C. Crawford, 20 Laurel
Louisa Crews, 707 S. Oakdale
Wren E. Crews, 707 S. Oakdale
Robert L. Creed, 30 S. Central, Room 23, Palace Hotel
Fred N. Cummings, 721 S. Peach
Arthur B. Cunningham, 1124 W. Tenth
Gladys Curry, 530 S. Central
Catherine E. Cusic, 337 W. Tenth
Albert L. Cusic, 337 W. Tenth
Helen L. Dahl, 708 W. Tenth
Bertha Daily, 208 S. Ivy
Charles A. Daily, 208 S. Ivy
Elba Daley, 704 W. Tenth
Irvin C. Daley, 110 E. Eleventh
Nora Daley, 704 W. Tenth
Ernest G. Darneille, 433 Benson
Basha Darneille, 433 Benson
Mary E. Davidson, 1134 W. Ninth
Osborne R. Davidson, 222 S. Central
Oliver L. Davidson, 222 S. Central
Edna H. Davidson, 1110 W. Tenth
William G. Davidson, 1110 W. Tenth
Elizabeth L. Davis, 417 Benson
Rebecca A. Davis, 402 S. Central
Jay Davis, 620 W. Eleventh
Arthur H. Davis, 416 S. Laurel
Pearl Davis, 1115 W. Ninth
Jonas T. Davis, 1021 W. Ninth
Anna E. Davis, 713 W. Tenth
William Davis, 402 S. Central
Agnes Davis, 416 S. Laurel
Rose Davis, 425 S. Oakdale
Edward B. Davis, 336 S. Holly
Hugh L. De Armond, 227 S. Oakdale
Florence E. Denning, 908 W. Tenth
Jennie Denning, 908 W. Tenth
John E. Dent, 446 S. Evergreen
Thomas W. Derr, 820 Dakota
Carrie E. Derr, 820 Dakota
George C. Devine, 1032 W. Tenth
Agnes Devine, 1032 W. Tenth
Helen O. Dillon, 620 S. Oakdale
H. G. Volney Dixon, 528 W. Tenth
Helen Dixon, 528 W. Tenth
Delia M. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Warren P. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Jennie Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
John M. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Ransom H. Dopp, 401 S. King
Robert B. Dow, 135 S. Oakdale
Maggie P. Drumhill, 414 Union
Vern J. Drumhill, 414 Union
John D. Durand, 32 S. Orange
Emily A. Dyke, 422 S. Laurel
Jesse Dyer, 16 S. Peach
George H. Eads, 25 S. Peach
Everett Eads, 26 S. Orange
Chauncey L. Earsley, 910 W. Eleventh
Willard Eaton, 1129 W. Main
Robert R. Ebel, 844 Dakota
David T. Edwards, St. Mary's Academy, Eleventh and Holly
Mary E. Ellison, 705 W. Tenth
Thomas B. Ellison, 705 W. Tenth
Bertha M. Emerick, 206 S. Orange
Myrton J. Emerick, 206 S. Orange
Mattie Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Aletha Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Frank T. Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Vernon J. Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Adam Emig, 825 W. Twelfth
Letha English, 1006 S. Oakdale
Charles M. English, 1006 S. Oakdale
Edward A. Evanson, 240 S. Grape
William H. Everhard, 1013 W. Ninth
Wilbur E. Fansher, 1025 W. Tenth
Isabel Fansher, 1025 W. Tenth
Waitie A. Fay, 106 S. Grape
Gertrude Fay, 106 S. Grape
Hattie Ferguson, 547 S. Front
Earl H. Fehl, 521 S. Grape
Mark A. Finney, Nash Hotel
George N. Fisk, 906 W. Eleventh
Lulu B. Fisk, 906 W. Eleventh
Myrtle Flanner, 16 Mistletoe
Lelia Fleming, 315 S. Laurel
James F. Fleming, 315 S. Laurel
Mary Fletcher, 715 W. Thirteenth
William Fletcher, 715 W. Thirteenth
Ione G. Flynn, 905 W. Tenth
Thomas K. Flynn, 905 W. Tenth
Rollin N. Foster, 19 S. Orange
Elmer T. Foss, 713 W. Tenth
Nettie L. Fouts, 112 E. Twelfth
Erastus J. Fouts, 112 E. Twelfth
George T. Foyes, 714 W. Eleventh
Edwin E. French, 401 King
William W. Fristoe, 608 S. Newtown
Lydia S. Fristoe, 608 S. Newtown
Jeanette B. Fusselman, 613 Catherine
Walter Ferguson, 547 S. Front
John E. Fusselman, 613 Catherine
George C. Garrett, 426 S. Oakdale
Frances Garrett, 426 S. Oakdale
William Garrett, 306 S. Fir
Helen M. Gattwinkel, 229 S. Front
Frank O. Gattwinkel, 229 S. Front
Cora Gay, 17 Newtown
Charles B. Gay, 17 Newtown
George M. Geer, 207 W. Main, Room 6
Delroy Getchell, 308 S. Oakdale
William W. Glasgow, 504 S. Oakdale
Carl W. Glasgow, 504 S. Oakdale
Etta Glasgow, 504 S. Oakdale
Frank B. Goodhue, 923 W. Main
Randilla Goodale, 916 W. Tenth
Henry W. Goodale, 916 W. Tenth
Walter S. Gore, 346 S. Holly
Martha J. Gore, 346 S. Holly
Annie Glidden, 416 S. King
Frank A. Glidden, 416 S. King
Samuel B. Graham, 103 S. Oakdale
Harriet A. Graham, 103 S. Oakdale
Mary B. Griffin, 113 S. Laurel
Henry L. Griffin, 113 S. Laurel
Roy Guyer, 222 S. Central
Hugo Gunther, 1032 W. Eleventh
Henry E. Gudehus, 1014 W. Tenth
Mabel D. Hall, 130 W. Sixth
Robert H. Halley, 30 S. Central
Robert F. Hale, 322 S. Central
Addie Halley, 30 S. Central
Nora Hamlin, 216 Laurel
Chub A. Hamlin, 216 Laurel
Lavina A. Hamlin, 522 S. Newtown
William H. Hamlin, 522 S. Newtown
Horace R. Hance, 526 W. Tenth
Charles W. Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
James T. Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Esther Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Mary Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
J. Herman Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Homer H. Harvey, 106 Lincoln
Henry T. Haswell, 609 S. Oakdale
Thomas H. E. Hathaway, 225 W. Main
Charlie Hays, Halley House (Palace Hotel), Room 61
Martha Hazle, 314 S. Evergreen
Lillian Hazleton, 1140 W. Ninth
Frank H. Hazleton, 1140 W. Ninth
Paschal J. Halley, 521 W. Eleventh
John Heckert, 1028 W. Eleventh
Carl W. Heilbronner, 20 S. Orange
Ed. Heller, Room 10, St. Clair, Eleventh
Harold G. Helwig, 516 S. Central
Billie Helwig, 516 S. Central
John A. Henderson, 21 S. Orange
Alfred E. Hermanson, 244 S. Central
Josiah J. Hibbard, 316 Laurel
Bertha E. Hibbard, 316 S. Laurel
Ford W. Hills, 525 W. Tenth
Watson J. Hills, 525 W. Tenth
Lee E. Hinman, 602 Catherine
Anna E. Hinman, 602 Catherine
Laurin Hinman, 602 Catherine
Charles L. Hockersmith, 614 S. Central
John M. Hockersmith, 614 S. Central
Noah G. Holmes, 129 S. Holly
William F. Horn, Room 30, Nash Hotel
Jesse Horeck, 29 Newtown
George W. Howard, 213 S. Front
Lottie Howard, 213 S. Front
Warren W. Howard, Room 303, Garnett Corey Bldg
Byron Huson, 417 S. King
Francis W. Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Fern M. Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Mattie Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Clarence I. Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Ethel Irvine, 816 W. Eleventh
William F. Isaacs, 1105 W. Main
Julius W. Jacobson, 701 Park
Edwin C. James, 311 S. Laurel
Bertha James, 311 S. Laurel
Emma Jansen, 335 S. Orange
Florence Jansen, 335 S. Orange
Henry A. Jansen, 335 S. Orange
Ernest W. Jaqua, 513 S. Newtown
Lillian Jaqua, 513 S. Newtown
Beula Jeldness, 435 S. Grape
Otto Jeldness, 435 S. Grape
Ed J. Jennings, 106 E. Twelfth
Florence Jennings, 106 E. Twelfth
Charles C. Johnson, 922 S. Oakdale
Emma R. Johnson, 922 S. Oakdale
James G. Johnson, 713 W. Tenth
T. Slater Johnson Jr., 713 W. Tenth
Mina A. Jones, 825 W. Twelfth
Evan L. Jones, Nash Hotel
Benjamin F. Joy, 30 S. Central, Room 12, Palace Hotel
Ida Kenworthy, 508 S. Grape
Herbert C. J. Kentner, 609 W. Tenth
Rachael Kinyon, 430 S. Fir
Wallace C. Kinyon, 430 S. Fir
Lida Kinleyside, 23 Newtown
Pearl J. Kirkpatrick, 220 S. Grape
Florence Klum, 328 S. Holly
Blaine Klum, 328 S. Holly
Hallie J. Knapp, 513 King
Gussie Knips, 219 S. Ivy
Louis Knips, 219 S. Ivy
Barbara Koontz, 534 S. Fir
Henry E. Koontz, 534 S. Fir
Andrew W. Lacy, 1125 W. Ninth
Rosa M. Lacy, 1125 W. Ninth
William G. Laidley, 720 W. Eleventh
Albert L. Lawrence, 244 S. Central
William E. Lane, 219 S. Holly
Mary A. Lane, 219 S. Holly
Mrs. Luffie Lancop, 716 W. Fourteenth
Joseph A. Lancop, 716 W. Fourteenth
Henry Leaders, 1135 W. Tenth
Oliver J. Leonard, 323 S. King
Abe. Leonard, 323 S. King
Ralph H. Lincoln, 1106 W. Tenth
George F. Lindley, 128 S. Mistletoe
Justice Lofland, 809 W. Tenth
Matilda Lofland, 809 W. Tenth
Harry N. Lofland, 225 S. Oakdale
Icie Lofland, 225 S. Oakdale
Mrs. Edith Loomis, 1103 W. Eleventh
Almond Loomis, 1103 W. Tenth
Wendelin Luckeroth, 113 E. Eleventh
Treve B. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Harold U. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Mrs. Bessie Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Eunice M. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Edward Lundberg, 919 W. Eleventh
Ida Magray, 821 W. Tenth
Mae E. Maltby, 16 S. Orange
Willis J. Marion, 904 W. Tenth
Henry M. Marsh, 421 Benson
Lucile Marshall, 1113 S. Oakdale
Lois Isabel Marshall, 920 Stewart
Vern B. Marshall, 920 Stewart
George O. Marshall, 1113 S. Oakdale
Nellie Martin, 704 S. Oakdale
Franklin E. Martin, 128 Mistletoe
Laskie J. Mathes, 141 S. Holly
Addie Matthews, 516 Park
Thomas A. Matthews, 516 Park
Matthew L. Meadows, 816 S. Central
Lida Meadows, 816 S. Central
Fred W. Mears, 738 W. Fourteenth
Sara B. Mears, 738 W. Fourteenth
Mabel E. Mears, 319 S. Orange
Catherine Mears, 319 S. Orange
Eliza J. Mears, 319 S. Orange
Louis P. Mego, 12 Mistletoe
Alice Mego, 12 Mistletoe
George F. Merriman, 520 S. Central
William A. Messner, 504 S. Holly
Georgie Messner, 504 S. Holly
George Mickey, 330 S. Fir
Caroline Mickey, 330 S. Fir
Leo J. Miksche, 818 S. Peach
Jasper N. Miller, 342 W. Tenth
Lewis Mishler, 1117 W. Eleventh
Emil Mohr, 1009 W. Main
William A. Moffet, 612 S. Newtown
Gertrude E. Moffet, 612 S. Newtown
George M. Mordoff, 25 S. Orange
May Mordoff, 25 S. Orange
Sarah S. Moore, 719 W. Tenth
Carrie Morris, 713 W. Eleventh
Roselma A. Morrison, 324 S. Orange
Mrs. Nellie Matt, 917 W. Eighth
Viola T. Muir, 1507 W. Main
David Muir, 1507 W. Main
Charles H. Murray, 914 Murray
Emily E. Myers, 822 S. Oakdale
Charles A. Myers, 822 S. Oakdale
Charles A. McArthur, 530 S. Grape
Ralph McCurdy, 220 Laurel
John McLain, Room 6, Florida Rooming House
Mrs. Jennie McClish, 433 S. Fir
John J. McClish, 433 S. Fir
Michael McQuirk, 222 S. Central
Stuart McKissick, 222 S. Holly
Lillian McMann, 503 S. King
William S. McMann, 503 S. King
Daniel L. McNary, 618 S. Central
Eva M. McNary, 618 S. Central
John McPherson, 609 W. Eleventh
Peter K. Nalley, 707 W. Main
Gus Newbury, 32 Mistletoe
Isabel Neff, 516 Belmont
Porter J. Neff, 516 Belmont
Frank J. Newman, 527 S. Holly
Cassie Nicholson, 530 S. Central
Horace G. Nicholson, 530 S. Central
Mary Noe, 220 S. Oakdale
Clarence T. Noe, 220 S. Oakdale
Patrick Normile, 706 Park
Segourney Oatman, 222 S. Central
Elmer R. Oatman, 222 S. Central
Annie D. O'Brien, 517 S. Grape
Sarah C. O'Brien, 517 S. Grape
Belle S. O'Gara, 401 Garnett-Corey Bldg.
Patrick J. O'Gara, 401 Garnett-Corey Bldg.
John S. Orth, 610 S. Central
Clara E. Orr, 526 S. Central
Olivia Osborne, 512 S. Oakdale
Marie Otterdahl, 845 Dakota
Henry B. Patterson, 26 Newtown
Willie V. Patton, 514 S. Holly
Owen J. Patton, 514 S. Holly
Charles Paul, 1025 W. Ninth
Charles W. Palm, 343 S. Holly
Callie Palm, 343 S. Holly
Esther C. Palmer, 826 S. Central
Burton J. Palmer, 826 S. Central
Roy B. Peebles, 601 Dakota
Edith M. Peebles, 601 Dakota
Jesse T. Perry, 320 S. King
May Perry, 320 S. King
Richard F. Pfeiffer, 211 Washington
Pearl Pfeiffer, 211 Washington
Viola Pheister, 903 W. Eleventh
Estella Pheister, 903 W. Eleventh
Rose A. Pheister, 903 W. Eleventh
Carl Phelps, 605 Dakota
Mary L. Piatt, 603 S. King
Ben F. Piatt, 628 Dakota
Albert H. Polley, 706 S. Orange
John H. Polley, 706 S. Orange
Elias H. Porter, 1010 S. Oakdale
Alexander Pottenger, 713 W. Tenth
Arthur E. Powell, 321 Benson
Charles O. Power, 617 Catherine
Nellie C. Power, 617 Catherine
Elizabeth A. Purdy, 517 Park
Samuel P. Purdy, 517 Park
Walter E. Purdy, 517 Park
Anna Purucker, 18 S. Eleventh
Herman Purucker, 18 S. Eleventh
Hazel Putney, 518 Plum
Chester Putney, 518 Plum
Faskett M. Putney, 518 Plum
Stella Quisenberry, 424 S. King
Walker F. Quisenberry, 424 S. King
Helen Ragsdale, 145 S. Ivy
John Redden, 607 W. Eighth
Elizabeth Reiker, 112 S. Fir
Larkin Reynolds, 413 Union
William C. Rice, 713 W. Eleventh
Maud S. Rice, 713 W. Eleventh
George J. Riley, 429 W. Twelfth
Jesse Richardson, 145 S. Grape
Lewis H. Richards, 33 S. Front
Marion Riddell, 1114 S. Oakdale
Edwin G. Riddell, 1114 S. Oakdale
Rollie J. Rinabarger, 718 S. Newtown
Loretta C. Rinabarger, 718 S. Newtown
Charley A. Rinabarger, 718 S. Newtown
James M. Roseberry, 944 S. Central
Ethel Root, 614 Plum
Edward C. Root, 614 Plum
Lawrence Rukes, 424 S. Peach
Lew Rukes, 424 S. Peach
Maggie Rukes, 424 S. Peach
Edwin J. Runyard, 706 Dakota
Charles D. Runyon, 425 S. Oakdale
Charles W. Sage, 610 S. Oakdale
Jennetta Sample, 726 S. Newtown
Joe O. Sample, 726 S. Newtown
Nellie M. Santee, 24 Mistletoe
Herbert H. Sargent, 810 S. Oakdale
Alice C. Sargent, 810 S. Oakdale
Atlanta Satchwell, 517 S. Holly
Gilbert R. Satchwell, 517 S. Holly
Leonie D. Schmitt, 422 S. Ivy
Michael P. Schmitt, 422 S. Ivy
William Schmidt, 540 S. Fir
Cynthia Schmidt, 540 S. Fir
Perry D. Scott, 416 S. Peach
Mildred A. Scott, 416 S. Peach
Ida Schuler, 915 W. Tenth
Henry G. Schuette, 112 S. Fir
Morgan Schrack, 535 S. Grape
William H. Searle, 244 S. Grape
Otto M. Selsby, 403 Garnett-Corey Bldg
Emma L. Shields, 41 S. Holly
Weston F. Shields, 41 S. Holly
Richard Sherwood, 723 W. Thirteenth
Kate Sherwood, 723 W. Thirteenth
Francis L. Sherman, 122 S. Mistletoe
Frances Sherman, 122 S. Mistletoe
John J. Shively, 1101 W. Ninth
Richard Schuler, 915 W. Tenth
Rufus J. Simmons, 928 S. Central
Elizabeth Sites, 1417 W. Main
Sumpter S. Smith, 1501 W. Main
Ella O. Smith, 410 S. Newtown
Lewis C. Smith, 410 S. Newtown
William M. Smith, 134 S. Ivy
Martha F. Spooner, 312 S. Central
John E. Stewart, 708 W. Tenth
Alanson G. Steward, 829 W. Eleventh
Helen Steward, 829 W. Eleventh
Elizabeth Stewart, 429 S. Front
James Stewart, 324 Plum
William H. Stewart, 714 W. Tenth
Mary J. Stewart, 708 W. Tenth
Fred B. Stewart, 325 S. Ivy
Iva Stewart, 325 S. Ivy
Cyrena Stephenson, 146 S. Holly
Orvis R. Stephenson, 222 S. Central
Artie E. Stephenson, 222 S. Central
Grace Stinson, 1013 W. Tenth
Julia A. Stinson, 304 S. Hamilton
William H. Stinson, 304 S. Hamilton
Ada K. Stoeckman, 828 Dakota
Harry G. Stoeckman, 828 Dakota
Myrtle M. Stull, 532 Plum
Alice C. Streets, 621 W. Eleventh
Susie C. Streets, 621 W. Eleventh
Frank W. Streets, 621 W. Eleventh
Frederick Strang, 416 S. Central
Mary B. Strang, 416 S. Central
Charles Strang, 416 S. Central
C. Virgil Strang, 416 S. Central
Roy Surran, 1035 W. Tenth
Clarence J. Sutar, 125 S. Oakdale
Otto F. Tainer, 322 S. Central
Florence Taillandier, 323 S. Orange
Gerald F. H. Taillandier, 323 S. Orange
Joe A. Thomas, 222 S. Holly
Thornley D. Thomas, 319 Newtown
Isaac M. Thomas, 912 S. Central
Mabel A. Thomas, 912 S. Central
Rachael A. Thomas, 912 S. Central
Emma Thompson, Room 18, Moore Hotel
George H. Tranna, 712 W. Fourteenth
Alvina J. Tranna, 712 W. Fourteenth
Nettie Treat, 208 S. Central
George L. Treichler, 995 S. Oakdale
Ben. J. Trowbridge, 905 W. Tenth
Mattie True, 614 S. Central
Charles P. True, 614 S. Central
Elizabeth Tull, 830 W. Twelfth
Edward S. Tull, 830 W. Twelfth
Earl S. Tumy, 713 W. Tenth
Landon H. Tucker, 312 S. Central
Ella Tyrrell, 614 W. Thirteenth
John R. Tyrrell, 614 W. Thirteenth
William Ulrich, 358 S. Oakdale
Gertrude Ulrich, 358 S. Oakdale
Anna Ulrich, 358 S. Oakdale
Cora Utley, Room 407, Garnett-Corey Bldg
Abram Van Wyck, 123 S. Holly
Harry A. Van Ausdall, 319 Newtown
Sara Van Meter, 729 W. Eleventh
Mary F. Van Ness, 236 S. Central
Oliver H. P. Voreis, 517 W. Eleventh
Alva James Vance, 418 S. Oakdale
Nannie Van Scoyoc, 209 S. Orange
Charles C. Van Scoyoc, 209 S. Orange
F. Wilson Wait, 538 W. Tenth
Frank W. Wait, 538 W. Tenth
Katherine Wait, 538 W. Tenth
John W. Wakefield, 1003 W. Tenth
Russell Wallace, 103 S. Oakdale
Claxter Walker, 1417 W. Main
Amos W. Walker, 444 S. Fir
Harry W. Ward, 417 S. King
Lula M. Ward, 417 S. King
Lewis B. Warner, 519 S. Oakdale
William J. Warner, 511 S. Oakdale
Effie N. Watkins, 103 E. Eleventh
Lee Watkins, 103 E. Eleventh
John F. Watson, 343 S. Grape
Eva Watson, 343 S. Grape
Charles S. Webster, 402 S. Grape
Ira L. Whipple, 1019 W. Main
Charles E. Whisler, 622 S. Central
Nannie S. Whisler, 622 S. Central
Fannie Whitman, 510 S. Fir
Rosina J. Whitney, 337 S. Oakdale
Britta B. Williams, 520 S. Peach
Leon E. Williams, 520 S. Peach
George M. Williams, 911 W. Eleventh
Bridget E. Williams, 615 S. Oakdale
Richard F. Willis, 719 W. Eleventh
Anna Wilson, 124 S. Central
Arthur Wilson, 1017 W. Ninth
John W. Wilson, 1017 W. Ninth
Willard T. Wilson, 21 S. Peach
Robert Wilson, 21 S. Peach
Nancy D. Wilson, 21 S. Peach
Frank M. Wilson, 124 S. Central
George B. Wilson, 129 S. Holly
May E. Wilson, 210 Laurel
Arthur H. Wissing, 719 W. Thirteenth
Holbrook Withington, 135 S. Oakdale
Blanche A. Wood, 539 W. Tenth
William P. Wood, 539 W. Tenth
Clara M. Wood, 539 W. Tenth
Clarence H. Wood, 539 W. Tenth
Burnie R. Wood, 539 W. Tenth
J. Ralph Woodford, 526 S. Holly
Lillian B. Woodford, 526 S. Holly
Fred Wolff, 1028 W. Eleventh
Jacob Wolff, 1032 W. Eleventh
Anna Wolff, 1028 W. Eleventh
Hugh L. Woolworth, 220 S. Oakdale
Jennie Woolworth, 220 S. Oakdale
Ella G. Wortman, 912 S. Oakdale
Harry G. Wortman, 912 S. Oakdale
Perry E. Wynkoop, 820 W. Twelfth
William T. York, 616 W. Tenth
Emma York, 616 W. Tenth
Peter E. Zepp, 1217 W. Eleventh
Nannie L. Zepp, 1217 W. Eleventh
Luppo W. Zimmer, 1017 W. Main
Mabel C. Zimmer, 1017 W. Main

Archibald C. Abrams, 311 N. Central
Mack Adams, 126 W. Main
Charles A. Adams, 303 N. Front
Harold S. Aikins, 917 Narregan
William A. Aitken, 56 N. Orange
William J. Albert, Montgomery House, N. Front
Grant Allder, 29 Summit
Viola C. Allder, 29 Summit
Bert E. Anderson, 231 W. Fifth
Bert Anderson, 906 W. Main
Mrs. Eva E. Anderson, 906 W. Main
Ellen Anderson, 439 N. Front
Andrew J. Anderson, 439 N. Front
Henry D. Angle, No. 7, County Road
Richard F. Antle, 37 N. Peach
J. Walter Antle, 539 Pennsylvania
Anna M. Arnell, 425 N. Holly
Helen M. Arnspiger, 711 Palm
Olen Arnspiger, 711 Palm
John H. Atkins, Third and Front
Charles W. Austin, 47 N. Orange
George F. Bacon, 300 Oleson
Gertrude H. Bacon, 300 Oleson
Winfield H. Bailey, 31 N. Orange
Celia M. Bailey, 31 N. Orange
Edward L. Balcom, 318 W. Jackson
Rachel H. Balcom, 318 W. Jackson
Clarence H. Baldwin, 411 Woodstock
Zonia M. Baldwin, 411 Woodstock
Mike Baumeister, 146 N. Front
John E. Barkdull, 817 N. Central
Clara C. Barkdull, 817 N. Central
Alonzo D. Barrell, 839 Pennsylvania
Sylvia Barkdull, 817 N. Central
Martha Bass, 235 N. Ivy
James W. Bass, 235 N. Ivy
Ruth Beckett, 51 N. Peach
Frank R. Bellinger, 125 N. Holly
Minnie B. Bellinger, 125 N. Holly
Hiram Bender, 337 W. Holly
Perley Bender, 337 W. Holly
Minnie Bender, 337 W. Holly
Belle B. Bennett, 937 N. Central
Noah S. Bennett, 937 N. Central
Bertie M. Bennett, 10 Quince
Roger S. Bennett, 10 Quince
Pearl C. Bigham, 503 N. Grape
Benjamin A. Bissell, 338 W. Holly
Mally T. Black, 521 Pennsylvania
Lunsford P. Black, 521 Pennsylvania
James S. Black, 601 W. Jackson
Francis A. Bliss, 303 W. Clark
Minnie R. Bliss, 303 W. Clark
Albert S. Bliton, 816 W. Main
Henry T. Burch, 44 N. Front
Robert O. Burgess, Room 320, Hotel Medford
Henry C. Burgess, 518 W. Main
Ellen M. Burgess, 518 W. Main
Arthur C. Burgess, Room 420, Hotel Medford
John J. Buchter, 211 N. Oakdale
George Butz, 9 Rose
Anna Bonney, 338 N. Front
Henry O. Bonney, 338 N. Front
Newton W. Borden, 132 N. Ivy
Clarence R. Boussum, 232 W. Fourth
Charley Boussum, 44 N. Front
John H. Bowman, 236 N. Holly
John T. Bradshaw, 142 N. Ivy
Agetha Brandenburg, 408 W. Sixth
James Brandenburg, 408 W. Sixth
Henry M. Branham, 25 N. Oakdale
Cora Branham, 25 N. Oakdale
Carry J. Bremmerman, 44 N. Front
Horace L. Bromley, 1527 W. Sixth
Addie Brown, 242 N. Front
A. Theodore Brown, 1022 W. Fourth
Jeannette Brown, 1022 W. Fourth
John Brownlee, 539 Pennsylvania
Grace Caldwell, 38 Rose
Richard Calder, 224 W. Clark
Henry H. Calhoun, 311 Knight
Jane Carroll, 429 N. Central
Charles Carney, 224 Clark
Wilmer C. Cartwright, 343 N. Ivy
Warren L. Cassady, 226 W. Jackson
Hamill A. Canaday, Room 204, Farmers & Fruitgrowers Bank
Henry H. Cave, 22 N. Grape
Josephine Centers, 219 Knight
Marion S. Centers, 219 Knight
Pontus W. Chelgren, 735 Alder
Josephine F. Clark, 1116 W. Fourth
Frank C. Clark, 25 Summit
Wilson F. Clay, 307 N. Ivy
Elsie C. Clay, 307 N. Ivy
John W. Coffeen, 516 W. Palm
William E. Cloney, 218 W. Jackson
Elihu V. Coffin, 60 Rose
William J. Coggins, 201 W. Jackson
Charles S. Cole, 727 N. Alder
Martha Cole, 30 Rose
Charles E. Collins, 104 E. Second
Glenn B. Conwell, 218 W. Main
John T. Conrad, 632 Palm
Emelie M. Conrad, 632 Palm
Fred H. Cook, 1222 Locust
Leroy Copeland, 515 Pennsylvania
Leander D. Corbett, Diamond Rooming House, 127 E. Sixth
Benjamin F. Cook, 536 N. Fir
Otto M. Cornitius, 28 Ross Court
Grover C. Corum, 324 N. Front
Henry D. Corlies, 35 N. Orange
Selena T. Corlies, 35 N. Orange
Guy D. Cronemiller, Room 108, Electric Bldg.
Bixford J. Crowell, 520 W. Palm
Wesley R. Colton, 343 N. Grape
Margaret Colton, 343 N. Grape
Minerva J. Daniels, 111 W. Jackson
Victor Danielson, 44 N. Front
Stella Davis, 335 N. Central
Andrew F. Davis, 335 N. Central
Charlie W. Davis, 25 N. Peach
Ethel L. Deane, 332 N. Ivy
Artemus W. Deane, 332 N. Ivy
John L. Demmer, 609 W. Jackson
Lily S. Demmer, 609 W. Jackson
Paul Demmer, 748 W. Fourth
Emil De Roboam, 306 N. Ivy
Claude A. De Voe, 718 Welch
Arthur A. Ditts, 4 Clark
Marie Downing, 60 N. Quince
Jennie Irene Dressler, 1005 N. Central
Clarence E. Eads, 626 W. Fourth
John H. Edwards, 621 N. Front
Lucile Edwards, 621 N. Front
Archibald Eckels, 101 N. Fir
Samuel Eckels, 141 N. Fir
Frank C. Elliott, 618 W. Fourth
Alice M. Elliott, 618 W. Fourth
Maggie Erskine, 414 W. Clark
Walter M. Erskine, 414 W. Clark
Alvin C. Erskine, 402 W. Clark
Miles J. Estes, 511 Pennsylvania
Lois Estes, 511 Pennsylvania
Rankin Estes, 515 Pennsylvania
Maggie Evans, 404 W. Second
Russell Evans, 404 W. Second
Lois J. Evans, 909 Narregan
Clarence Evans, 404 W. Second
Susie J. Ewing, 435 N. Holly
Ralph L. Ewing, 435 N. Holly
Lizzie Fleming, 719 Welch
Theresa M. Flynn, 315 Olson
Alfred A. Flynn, 315 Olson
James W. Foster, 331 N. Holly
Thomas Francis, 107 N. Front
Abraham Frideger, 109 N. Central
Willie Fristoe, 503 N. Holly
Margaret Gardner, 122 N. Ivy
Robert R. Garrettson, 43 N. Grape
Lida T. Garnett, 223 N. Central
Henry C. Garnett, 223 N. Central
Ben. Garnett, 211 Olson
John H. Garnett, 223 N. Central
James W. Gibbs, 9 N. Fir
Joseph C. Gill, 1031 Narregan
William S. Goudy, 221 N. Holly
Paul Goodwyn, 320 N. Grape
Frederick W. Gray, 507 Palm
William P. Graham, 728 Welch
Mamie Gregory, 622 W. Fourth
Basil W. Gregory, 622 W. Fourth
John Haertle, 219 Clark
Ethel Haertle, 219 Clark
Charles N. Hansen, 819 N. Central
George W. Hall, 508 Palm
Adelbert M. Halladay, 519 Palm
Cyrus T. Hamilton, 838 Palm
Alvah H. Hammond, 217 Knight
Frank E. Hammond, 221 Knight
Burton E. Haney, 315 N. Holly
H. Percival Hargrave, 23 N. Orange
Maud Hargrave, 23 N. Orange
Joseph N. Harris, 503 Clark
Lou Helms, 129 N. Grape
Jesse L. Helms, 129 N. Grape
Edward D. Henderson, 243 N. Holly
John H. Henselman, 48 Rose
Edward G. Henselman, 48 Rose
Michael M. Herman, 407 N. Oakdale
Charles H. Herman, 407 N. Oakdale
Dora Hess, 723 Oak
Mary O. Hess, 723 Oak
Stephen A. D. Higgins, 117 N. Central
Ruby L. Hitzler, 338 W. Holly
Edwin S. Hitzler, 338 W. Holly
Frankie Hollis, 153 N. Oakdale
Frank W. Hollis, 153 N. Oakdale
Maud A. Holmes, 30 Rose
Robert C. Holmes, 30 Rose
James L. Hooker, 536 N. Front
William A. Hooker, 405 N. Grape
John D. Hooker, 214 W. Jackson
Curran A. Hough, 413 W. Second
Ruby E. Howard, 535 N. Fir
Leon O. Howard, 738 N. Oak
Thomas A. Howel, 209 Iowa
Lydia M. Howel, 209 Iowa
Alexis Hubbard, 1129 W. Fourth
Fred Hurst, 520 N. Grape
Elizabeth Iams, 130 N. Front
George Iams, 130 N. Front
Pete Ingram, 306 N. Ivy
Anna Ingram, 306 N. Ivy
Mary A. Isaacs, 115 N. Oakdale
Frank Isaacs, 532 Pennsylvania
L. Agnes Isaacs, 115 N. Oakdale
Edna E. Isaacs, 532 Pennsylvania
David H. Jackson, 906 W. Fourth
Will L. Jackson, 444 N. Grape
Robert G. Jeffrey, 128 N. Grape
Anna M. Jeffrey, 146 N. Front
Nellie M. Jermsta, 52 Ross Court
Phil Jermsta, 52 Ross Court
Edith M. Jerome, 35 N. Orange
Walter M. Kennedy, 9 E. Jackson
Otto C. King, 342 N. Ivy
Jacob Klippel, 228 N. Holly
Allie E. Klippel, 228 N. Holly
Charles P. Kribs, 28 Quince
Samuel A. Kroschel, 522 W. Fourth
Julia Kroschel, 522 W. Fourth
Bernice O. Kunzman, 339 Knight
George J. Kunzman, 339 Knight
Edward H. Lamport, 419 W. Second
Orrin H. Lawler, 27 Ross Court
Nancy A. Greer Lawler, 27 Ross Court
James W. Lawton, 44 N. Front
James Leslie, 324 W. Jackson
Harry D. Ling, 44 N. Front
May Longwill, 535 N. Fir
William F. Longwill, 535 N. Fir
Novie Irene Lounsbury, 121 N. Grape
William H. Lydiard, 221 W. Jackson
John H. Lyons, 302 N. Front
Gradus H. Maasdam, 20 Ross Court
Daniel Mahar, 107 E. Jackson
Henry E. Marsh, 43 N. Peach
William S. Martin, Room 12, Diamond Rooming house
Florence H. Marsh, 54 Rose
Theodore W. Marsh, 54 Rose
Charles Mason, 229 N. Ivy
Columbus U. Matsler, 1105 W. Fourth
Mary J. Meeker, 439 N. Front
Nelle Meiling, 408 N. Ivy
Earl H. Meiling, 408 N. Ivy
Henrietta Merrell, 315 Olson
Norman J. Merrell, 315 Olson
Charley Milligan, 338 N. Front
Anna M. Miller, 330 Knight
May A. Miller, 317½ W. Second
Albert W. Miller, 317½ W. Second
George H. Miller, 330 Knight
Jessie W. Miles, 203 N. Oakdale
Carrie Milnes, 820 Narregan
William Milnes, 820 Narregan
William O. Miller, 242 N. Front
Thaddeus W. Miles, 203 N. Oakdale
William L. Miller, 524 W. Fourth
Ava L. Miller, 524 W. Fourth
Edgar E. Miner, 242 N. Front
Helen Minkler, 405 N. Central
Genevra Moe, 19 Rose
Henry N. Moe, 19 Rose
Thomas Moffat, 727 W. Jackson
Charles W. Montgomery, 216 N. Front
John A. Morey, 702 W. Main
James H. Mulhollen, 329 W. Second
Robert R. Mullen, 229 N. Ivy
James Mulhollen, 329 W. Second
Lulia J. Mundy, 27 N. Orange
Walter J. Mundy, 27 N. Orange
John F. Murphy, 15 Summit
Emma E. Murphy, 610 W. Second
Omer W. Murphy, 610 W. Second
John C. Murphy, 15 Summit
William C. Murphy, 15 Summit
Birdeen Myers, 1416 W. Main
Orin V. Myers, 1416 W. Main
Clayton B. McConnell, 413 W. Second
Charles McClain, 1105 W. Fourth
William N. D. MacCullough, 32 Rose
Wilhelmina T. D. MacCullough, 32 Rose
Robert W. MacCullough, 32 Rose
Robert S. MacCullough, 32 Rose
Ernest H. McKee, 747 W. Jackson
Hugh F. McLaughlin, 528 Pennsylvania
Thomas C. Norris, 214 Olson
Albert F. Noth, 428 N. Holly
Alice W. Noth, 428 N. Holly
William O'Hara, 227 N. Oakdale
Mrs. Jule O'Hara, 227 N. Oakdale
Cora B. O'Brien, 913 N. Central
George T. O'Brien, 913 N. Central
Nora Olson, 42 Rose
Alfred P. Olson, 42 Rose
Mary E. Olson, 117 Olson
Emma Olson, 117 Olson
John E. Olson, 117 Olson
Theophilus A. Olson, 117 Olson
Edmund E. Oman, 636 W. Fourth
Leslie M. Osborne, Room 214, Holland hotel
Milton Ottoman, 44 N. Orange
Sarah Oviatt, 117 N. Central
David H. Palmer, 235 N. Oakdale
Oscar O. Parker, 215 Knight
Anna J. Parker, 215 Knight
Lillie Patterson, 302 N. Front
Fred W. Payne, 812 W. Fourth
Emil R. Pech, 60 N. Quince
Susie Pech, 60 N. Quince
Albert E. J. Percival, Room 30, Hotel Emerick
Arthur Perry, 130 W. Main
James A. Perry, 604 W. Main
Ella T. Perry, 604 W. Main
James Peterson, 1110 W. Fourth
Mary H. Peterson, 622 W. Palm
Katherine V. Peterson, 1110 W. Fourth
John Peterson, 622 W. Palm
James W. Pew, 303 W. Clark
E. Barton Pickel, 315 W. Main
Mattie Pickel, 315 W. Main
Irene Peirson, 715 W. Jackson
Van R. Peirson, 715 W. Jackson
Ida B. Plass, 708 W. Second
Ernest F. Plass, 708 W. Second
Frank W. Porter, 235 N. Ivy
Laura M. Pottenger, 718 W. Fourth
Thomas E. Pottenger, 718 W. Fourth
John E. Price, 718 W. Palm
George W. Priddy, 48½ N. Orange
Lincoln J. Quigley, 603 N. Fir
Marion A. Rader, 60 N. Orange
L. Lucile Rader, 60 N. Orange
Laura Rader, 60 N. Orange
Bradford S. Radcliff, 4 E. Clark
Harold Radcliff, 4 E. Clark
Laura Radcliff, 4 E. Clark
Mabel R. Ray, 1104 W. Main
Enola R. Ray, 1104 W. Main
Charles R. Ray, 1104 W. Main
David H. Reame, 246 N. Oakdale
George W. Reeves, 1310 W. Main
Cecil N. Reeves, 1310 W. Main
Charles F. Reichstein, 405 N. Fir
Myrtle Reichstein, 405 N. Fir
Barbara Reter, 415 Oak
John Reter, 415 Oak
Walter Reynolds, 320 N. Holly
Bertha E. Reynolds, 320 N. Holly
C. Frank Rhodes, 121 N. Central
Sam T. Richardson, 39 N. Orange
Addie Rippey, 104 Hotel Medford
George M. Roberts, 43 N. Orange
Horace L. Roberts, 44 N. Front
Maggie Robertson, 717 Alder
Frederick W. Root, 129 Kenwood
Albert S. Rosenbaum, 120 Hotel Medford
Burton H. Rumsey, 16 N. Quince
Linn M. Rundlet, 103 N. Central
Harriett Rundlet, 103 N. Central
George H. Samuels, 317 W. Second
Lottie W. Samuels, 317 W. Second
Ida M. Schermerhorn, 121 N. Grape
Gordon L. Schermerhorn, 121 N. Grape
Lewis R. Schmalhausen, 221 N. Holly
Rudolph Scholtz, 801 N. Central
Matilda Schulz, 405 W. Second
Ewald E. Schulz, 405 W. Second
Susan S. Sears, 231 W. Fifth
Clarence J. Semon, 22 Summit
Lottie L. Seymour, 840 W. Palm
George C. Seymour, 840 W. Palm
John W. Sharpe, 1027 Narregan
Benjamin C. Sheldon, 29 Ross Court
John Sheridan, 19 N. Peach
J. C. Edwin Shipley, 121 Kenwood
Charles Skeeters, 14 W. Jackson
Ella Shoults, 327 N. Holly
William T. Shoults, 327 N. Holly
Alonzo Slover, 203 N. Holly
John A. Smith, 140 N. Grape
Dora L. Smock, 901 N. Central
Catha Snider, 229 Knight
John E. Soliss, 214 N. Holly
Elizabeth Soliss, 214 N. Holly
Margaret S. Soliss, 137 N. Oakdale
Daniel B. Soliss, 137 N. Oakdale
Evelyn Soutter, 59 N. Orange
Edward Soutter, 59 N. Orange
Mrs. Endora Soutter, 59 N. Orange
Vora Sowers, 703 W. Second
Donald L. Springer, 123 Kenwood
James M. Stephens, 513 N. Grape
Elmer J. Stewart, 504 Pennsylvania
Lettie Stewart, 504 Pennsylvania
Fred Stilwell, 811 Narregan
Frank O. Stinson, 1119 W. Fourth
Oscar E. Stinson, 324 Knight
Gus Stinson, 1013 W. Tenth
Rosy E. Stinson, 1128 W. Fourth
Edward S. Stinson, 1128 W. Fourth
William J. Stockam, 247 N. Front
Charles W. Stockam, 705 W. Palm
Guy W. Stull, 917 N. Central
Melville C. Sullivan, 1119 N. Central
Ellen J. Sullivan, 1119 N. Central
John T. Sullivan, 33 N. Peach
Edith Sullivan, 521 W. Second
William Sullivan, 521 W. Second
John T. Summerville, 629 N. Central
Hattie M. Summerville, 629 N. Central
Maude M. Swan, 711 Welch
Leon C. Taylor, 514 W. Second
Carl Y. Tengwald, Room 214, Holland Hotel
H. Albert Thierolf, Berben Apartments, 10 N. Quince
Phoebe Thierolf, Berber Apartments, 10 N. Quince
Illtid W. Thomas, 718 W. Main
Abbie K. Thomas, 718 W. Main
Francis M. Thompson, 48½ N. Orange
Martha L. Tice, 725 Alder
Fred Tice, 725 Alder
George O. Timothy, 1216 Cherry
James E. Toft, 245 N. Grape
Cora Toft, 245 N. Grape
Dora Toft, 245 N. Grape
Ray H. Toft, 243 N. Holly
Elias Turner, 14 W. Jackson
Pearl D. Turner, 716 W. Second
Nellie Turpin, 619 N. Central
Thomas Turpin, 619 N. Central
James P. Van Deusen, Room 5, Diamond Hotel
John G. Van Horn, 43 N. Grape
Vernon H. Vawter, 310 W. Main
Louis E. Wakeman, 129 Oakdale
Catherine M. Wakeman, 129 Oakdale
Mrs. Louise M. Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Alfred L. Wollam, 939 N. Central
Loil F. Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Ernest E. Walter, 731 W. Second
Anna Walter, 731 W. Second
Belle E. Warner, 806 W. Main
Edward N. Warner, 806 W. Main
Charles B. Watkins, 714 Welch
Della B. Watkins, 714 Welch
Alfred J. Weeks, 909 N. Central
Arthur K. Welch, 512 Pennsylvania
Mark P. Welch, 512 Pennsylvania
Flora Welch, 512 Pennsylvania
Mrs. Effie West, 513 W. Second
George H. West, 513 W. Second
Pearl Wheeler, 203 N. Grape
Sidney A. Wheeler, 203 N. Grape
Garfield White, 415 Woodstock
Eugene W. Whipple, 415 Knight
Allen C. White, 341 Knight
Ernest White, 616 N. Front
James A. Wilson, 237 N. Central
James Wiley, 303 W. Clark
Zorah Wiley, 303 W. Clark
Mary M. Wiley, 403 W. Jackson
Nelson J. Wiley, 403 W. Jackson
Mrs. Cora Wilson, 708 W. Fourth
Oliver N. Wilson, 708 W. Fourth
Charles D. Wineland, 616 N. Front
Jonas Wold, 44 N. Quince
Olla Wollam, 939 N. Central
Emil Wolter, 731 W. Second
Margaret J. Wolgamott, 118 Clark
Mary E. Wood, 237 N. Central
Carrie L. Woodford, 1222 W. Main
Charles M. Wolgamott, 911 Narregan
John H. Wrisley, 1104 W. Fourth
Clarissa Wisbey, 210 W. Jackson
Rachel I. Wrisley, 1104 W. Fourth
Roy A. Young, 337 W. Second
Lena A. Young, 327 W. Second
Eva T. Young, 408 N. Holly
Harry C. Young, 1021 N. Oakdale
Medford Sun, January 3, 1914, page 2

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