The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Voters 1913

I've corrected many typographical errors; I'm sure just as many went unrecognized--and I've no doubt added a few of my own. Names are not consistently alphabetized.

for the City of Medford, Oregon, for
the Municipal Election to be Held


William Angle, 609 E. Main
Charles W. Ashpole, 106 Tripp
Eugene Amann, 1017 N. Riverside
William T. Andrews, 340 S. Riverside
Lydia Andrews, 340 S. Riverside
Oscar Anderson, 310 N. Bartlett
Lee Ackley, 524 S. Riverside
Cora Amann, 1017 N. Riverside
Watson Adams, 619 S. Central
Sarah R. Anderson, 310 N. Bartlett
Lorenzo D. Ackley, 604 N. Riverside
Catherina L. Andrews, 35 Roosevelt
Ed M. Andrews, 35 Roosevelt
Charles L. Allen, 134 S. Bartlett
E. Joseph Adams, 615 S. Central
Sadie Allen, 134 S. Bartlett
James P. Alexander, 213 S. Central
Fay F. Anderson, 932 S. Central
Felix Allen, 1005 Court
Elgan C. Amidon, 832 N. Central
Mary O. Angle, 609 E. Main
Bertha Anderson, 932 N. Central
Robt. H. Alexander, 220 E. Ninth
Mrs. D. A. Brown, 120 Roosevelt
E. G. Brown, 120 Roosevelt
Samuel L. Bennett, 531 S. Riverside
Marie E. Bennett, 531 S. Riverside
John D. Buchanan, 830 E. Taylor
August Ball, 101 S. Riverside
William P. Baker, 305 Portland Avenue
Cynthia Buck, 242 N. Beatty
Charles P. Buck, 242 N. Beatty
Myrtle Blakeley, 525 S. Central
John M. Burt, 322 S. Riverside
Joseph M. Brooks, 1120 E. Eleventh
Ellen M. Burgess, 227 S. Central
Henery C. Burgess, 227 S. Central
Jessie E. Beach, 516 Liberty
Roland Beach, 516 Liberty
Clara B. Betty, 211 Stark
Hattie L. Berriam, 114 Genessee
James W. Berriam, 114 Genessee
Archie O. Bennett, 339 S. Central
John Billings, 18 Myrtle
Robert H. Boyl, 210 Roosevelt
Georgia Barley, 225 S. Riverside
Fred Burk, 334 Bartlett
Marsden Bishop, Fourth and Central
Cora Brown, 339 S. Central
Charles A. Brown, 905 S. Central
Elsie Brown, 905 S. Central
George M. Bonney, 36 Portland Avenue
Lewis B. Brown, 339 S. Central
Grace M. Boyl, 210 Roosevelt
Clarence F. Burke, 344 N. Bartlett
Isaacs H. Baxter, 117 S. Central
John F. Beltz, 1115 Niantic
Clarence Boussum, 1075 Court
August Betz, 842 E. Main
Robert O. Burgess, 227 S. Central
Mabel Burgess, 227 S. Central
Isabel Boyden, 344 N. Central
Henry E. Boyden, 344 N. Central
John W. Brown, 112 Cottage
Charles M. Boardman, 1016 Court
Edith Bradbury, 306 N. Apple
Noah B. Bradbury, 306 N. Apple
John J. Buchter, 22 Geneva
Karen Beveridge, 807 E. Jackson
Leland I. Beveridge, 807 E. Jackson
Joseph W. Betterley, 205 S. Central
Edith Butler, 212 N. Bartlett
Harry N. Butler, 212 N. Bartlett
Mary E. Bullock, 103 Roosevelt
Richard Bullock, 103 Roosevelt
Hiram Baker, 519 N. Bartlett
Arthur Barley, 135 N. Bartlett
Myrtle Beeson, 245 S. Central
Leonora H. Bennett, 707 Sherman
Eric C. Boeck, 310 S. Riverside
John D. Beeson, 245 S. Central
Samuel Bateman, 302 Maple
May Buchanan, 830 Taylor
Ada M. Blakely, 56 N. Riverside
Jennie Burke, 344 N. Bartlett
Joseph C. Barnes, 624 N. Riverside
Flora E. Barnes, 624 N. Riverside
Mike Baum, 45 S. Bartlett
Minnie Boeck, 310 S. Riverside
Ray H. Bennett, 707 Sherman
Anna C. Brown, 436 N. Bartlett
Allen W. Bish, 1063 Court
Adla Bish, 1063 Court
William E. Barker, 312 Portland
Alford J. Borne, 18 Almond
Ella M. Baker, 519 N. Bartlett
Olaf R. Bjuregaan, 1121 E. Main
Rozeetha S. Birchard, 1012 E. Main
Jessie T. Boardman, 613 N. Bartlett
Minnie Boardman, 613 N. Bartlett
T. E. Billings, 1405 N. Riverside
Fred S. Barber, 204 E. Main
Lou E. Bean, 247 Beatty
Magdalene Baerthel, 310 N. Bartlett
Louis J. Baerthel, 310 N. Bartlett
Anna Conklin, 205 N. Apple
Verne Canon, 203 Genessee
Spencer Childers, 211 Vancouver
William H. Canon, 203 Genessee
Margaret E. Canon, 203 Genessee
Jack Cameron, 627 S. Central
James B. Craig, 113 Tripp
Con H. Cady, 365 S. Central
George E. Corey, 524 S. Riverside
Hector B. Cady, 365 S. Central
William S. Crowell, 116 Genessee
Harry Childs, 333 S. Riverside
Abner B. Campbell, 1020 N. Central
Charles W. Conklin, 205 Apple
Mary Conner, Siskiyou Heights
Jennie M. Corey, 309 E. Jackson
William G. Cleveland, Prune and Niantic
Thomas Collins, 110 Almond
Fay J. Canon, 203 Genessee
Virgie Craig, 113 Tripp
Clarence H. Corey, 309 E. Jackson
Wilborn A. Cornetius, 28 N. Court
Walter S. Crank, 25 Portland
Harry E. Cremer, cor. Boardman and Alice
Belle Cochran, 401 E. Fifth
Raymond I. Childers, 304 Maple
Iva C. Childers, 127 Portland
Effie Chapman, by Natatorium on N. Riverside
Charles A. Chapman, by Natatorium on N. Riverside
Jennie Coburn, 509 Beatty
Milo M. Carnes, 345 N. Riverside
Ada L. Carkin, 111 Genessee
Mrs. Theone Carkin, 111 Genessee
Eben W. Carkin, 111 Genessee
Estella Cochran, 246 S. Riverside
Bernice Cameron, 112 Geneva
Esther J. Cameron, 112 Geneva
Ophelia O. Cranfill, 147 S. Central
Laura E. Chidester, 819 Bennett
John H. Cochran, 246 S. Riverside
Joseph Caskey, 1129 Niantic
Robert W. Clancey, Nob Hill
Winiford May Clancey, Nob Hill
Andrew Clancey, 1401 Euclid
Charles Clay, S. Riverside
Williard E. Church, 807 S. Central
Lester Childs, 333 S. Riverside
Owen Chaffee, 523 N. Riverside
Ethel Curry, 301 S. Central
Andrew Chalk, 215 E. Main
Ellis A. Cripps, 518 N. Riverside
Clarence Cripps, 518 N. Riverside
Van E. Conser, 214 Stark
George H. Corum, 345 S. Central
Mary E. Childers, 211 Vancouver
George B. Coffeen, 1025 Court
Louis O. Casley, Manzanita and Niantic
Victoria M. Chessmore, 30 Cottage
Helen E. Curtiss, Sacred Heart Hospital
Agnes Clancey, 1401 Euclid Ave.
Florence M. Childers, 127 Portland
Emma C. Cline, 720 Pine
Kate M. Collins, 110 Almond
Sam Colbert, 902 N. Central
Guy W. Conner, Siskiyou Heights
Mary Childs, 333 S. Riverside
Ella Duff, 333 E. Jackson
Charles M. Della, 406 S, Riverside
Maud Donaldson, 35 Myrtle
Jess F. Connell, 1205 E. Main
E. Margaret Dunlap, Siskiyou Heights
Alexander Duff, 333 E. Jackson
Loren L. Damon, 414 S. Riverside
Joseph Daniels, 317 E. Jackson
Ira C. Dawson, 310 N. Riverside
Wayne Delin, 406 S. Riverside
James W. Dunlap, Berkeley Way, Siskiyou Heights
Lucy Davis, 719 S. Central
Arthur Dilts, 638 N. Central
Royal V. Dunbam, 701 N. Riverside
Katie Delano, 326 Portland
Edward L. Dexter, 213 Beatty
Julia Dexter, 210 Beatty
Geo. F. Dyer, 1114 Central
Lillian Daniels, 10 Keene Way
Jay W. Diamond, 107 Geneva
Bertha Daddysman, 907 E. Main
Thurston E. Daniels, 10 Keene Way
Laura Dodge, 36 N. Riverside
Edward Lyon Daley, 627 S. Central
Edward E. Dyer, Fifth and Riverside
Mabel Evans, 30 Keene Way
Laura A. Emerson, 114 Tripp
Rufus Edwards, between Beatty and Riverside on Edwards
Albert L. Eisenhard, 214 Vancouver
Emery O. Eldridge, 502 N. Riverside
Mary Eldridge, 502 N. Riverside
Lou A. Eldwood, 135 S. Central
John T. Eads, 121 Roosevelt
Hugh Elliot, 619 N. Riverside
Elmer D. Elwood, 135 S. Central
Joseph M. Ebe, 421 N. Riverside
Edith Eisenhard, 214 Vancouver
Andrew J. Emerson, 114 Tripp
Clair T. Ekley, 234 E. Ninth
Mark A. Finney, 304 S. Central
Rose M. Fielder, 710 E. Main
Otto R. Fouts, 515 S. Riverside
Leilah K. Fouts, 515 S. Riverside
Mick Fox, 301 S. Central
Frederich Frideger, 311 N. Bartlett
Milo Freeland, 128 Almond
Mary E. Fielder, 710 E. Main
Gertrude Fay, 22 Geneva
Waitie A. Fay, 22 Geneva
William J. Fredenberg, 651 Pine
Turner A. Fifer, 921 Reddy
Julia C. Fielder, 710 E. Main
Meda Fox, 301 S. Central
Glen Fabrick, 711 E. Main
Thomas Feeson, 717 E. Jackson
Visa Frederickson, 1104 N. Central
Ulrich Frederickson, 1104 N. Central
Benjamin F. Fifer, 22 Almond
Edith Frost, 213 N. Roosevelt
Charles W. Frost, 213 N. Roosevelt
August Faske, 312 Roosevelt
Earl C. Gaddis, 821 N. Riverside
Nora Glascock, 256 Beatty
Myrtle Gardner, 206 Cottage
Mary R. Gault, 343 Apple
Fred E. Gere, 326 N. Bartlett
Myrtle Gere, 326 N. Bartlett
David H. Gibson, 616 N. Central
Elizabeth L. Gregory, 232 E. Main
Milton M. Gault, 343 Apple
Catherina Gaddis, 821 N. Riverside
Uriah Gordon, 709 N. Riverside
Judson G. Goble, 333 E. Sixth
Leah A. Gates, 31 Geneva
Charles F. Gates, 31 Geneva
Frank F. Gerdes, 123 Vancouver
Robert E. Gordon, 709 N. Riverside
Laura Gault, 1102 N. Central
Basil W. Gregory, 923 S. Central
Bessie M. Goble, 333 E. Sixth
Sherman C. Godlove, 345 N. Bartlett
Laura Godlove, 345 N. Bartlett
Paul L. Gappae, 246 S. Riverside
Edward E. Gore, 116 Geneva
Hattie W. Gore, 116 Geneva
Horace D. Howard, 821 E. Jackson
Leon B. Haskins, 203 N. Bartlett
Emma Joan Hoon, 15 Keene Way
Charles D. Hoon, 15 Keene Way
William Hinton, 401 E. Fifth, cor. Riverside
George A. Hunt, 249 S. Riverside
Enid Hunt, 249 S. Riverside
Minnie E. Holmes, 727 S. Central
Hans J. Holmes, 727 S. Central
Lulu M. Hutchinson, 313 Genessee
Francis Haskins, 229 N. Bartlett
Fort Hubbard, 440 S. Riverside
Anna E. Henley, 1211 E. Main
James H. Henley, 1211 E. Main
Helen L. Haskins, 229 N. Bartlett
Athel C. Hubbard, 322 S. Riverside
Emily Holmes, 603 S. Riverside
William M. Holmes, 603 S. Riverside
Susie Hazelrigg, 210 Roosevelt
Emma Humphrey, 815 E. Main
James I. Howard, 128 N. Central
Isaiah Hamilton, 616 N. Central
Theodore Hawkinson, 822 N. Central
William H. Humphrey, 815 E. Main
Maggie Hanscom, 219 Talent
Arthur E. Hutchinson, 313 Genessee
Henry Humphrey, 518 E. Main
Kate Holloway, 26 Portland Ave.
Albert N. Hildebrand, 919 Reddy
Laura Hittson, 1122 E. Main
Jessie Hittson, 1122 E. Main
James L. Hooker, 423 Beatty
Court Hall, 315 S. Central
Leo L. Heisel, 806 E. Jackson
Minnie Heisel, 806 E. Jackson
Harold G. Helwig, 206 Roosevelt
Louise Hedges, 230 N. Bartlett
Arthur F. Hazelrigg, 119 Roosevelt
Alvin Hedges, 230 N. Bartlett
John Will Hanners, 1028 E. Eleventh
Herbert C. Hazelrigg, 210 Roosevelt
George C. Hacker, 45 N. Bartlett
Daisy Hazelrigg, 119 Roosevelt
Dora Hanners, 1028 E. Eleventh
Richard O. Helen, 401 E. Fifth
William N. Hamilton, 616 N. Central
Bernice A. Howard, 821 E. Jackson
James Ingraham, East Jackson
George A. Jackson, 906 E. Main
James C. Jones, 245 N. Riverside
Henry Jinkson, 112 Cottage
Sarah A. Jackson, 906 E. Main
Ida A. Jackson, 824 E. Main
Florence M. Jennings, 217 N. Apple
Arthur J. Johnston, 202 Stark
Ole P. Jermesta, 52 Roosevelt
Annie Jordan, 576 E. Main
William B. Jackson, 842 E. Main
Lee L. Jacobs, 125 S. Central
Cool A. Johnson, 217 Beatty
Carrie Jacks, 436 N. Bartlett
Francis M. Jordon, 516 E. Main
Earl O. Johnson, 217 N. Beatty
Albert N. Jones, 518 Beatty
Ormund W. Johnson, 116 Geneva
Edward J. Jennings, 217 N. Apple
John W. Johnson, 110 Tripp
Emma J. Jones, 51 Beatty
William Jones, Bartlett and Main
Eula Jacobs, 125 S. Central
Lucien C. Johnston, 229 Beatty
Farley Johnson, 45 S. Central
Martha A. Jackson, 407 E. Fourteenth
Howard C. Jackson, 407 E. Fourteenth
Helena Jacobs, 125 S. Central
Lyman B. Kent, 818 E. Main
Thomas Kahler, 23 Almond
Elizabeth J. Kahler, 23 Almond
James M. Kierman, 523 E. Main
Cora L. Knight, 801 E. Main
Edward E. Kelley, Queen Ave.
Helen M. Kent, 818 E. Main
Clarence A. Knight, 801 E. Main
Silas Kidder, cor. Boardman and Alice
James Kent, 401 E. Fifth
Rutherford Kerr, 721 S. Central
Gertrude King, 843 E. Main
George F. King, 843 E. Main
Jane Kent, 401 E. Fifth
Mary Frances Kidd, 306 N. Central
Hermine I. Klein, 524 N. Bartlett
Ada Belle Knapp, 1012 E. Main
Edward J. Klein, 524 N. Bartlett
George Kaufman, 101 Almond
Peter M. Kershaw, 336 S. Riverside
Mrs. Thomas Kershaw, 336 S. Riverside
Walter A. Keizer, 1021 Niantic
Roma A. Koppes, 406 Beatty
Dolph Kent, 401 E. Fifth
Walter T. Kentner, 104 Geneva
Alexander Kerr, 721 S. Central
Ira L. Kollenborn, 247 S. Riverside
Walter A. Lovelace, 859 E. Ninth
Lanzy Monroe Lyon, 706 E. Main
Nova I. Lounsbury, 119 Portland
Charles L. Liming, 823 Sherman
Carrie E. Leonard, 14 Cottage
Clay Landram, 322 E. Twelfth
Millie R. Lawton, 310 N. Bartlett
Denison T. Lawton, 310 E. Bartlett
Maida LeRoax, 225 S. Riverside
Robert P. Little, 823 Taylor
Rhoda Little, 823 Taylor
Ethel M. Laurentz, 302 Willamette
Paul M. Leonard, 14 Cottage
Delbort J. Laurentz, 302 Willamette
George W. Lindley, 601 Roosevelt
Julia L. Lawrence, 525 S. Riverside
James W. Ling, 826 E. Main
Arthur J. Lupton, 406 Apple
Joseph H. Liggett, 22 Geneva
Maggie H. Lovelace, 859 E. Ninth
Francis M. Landram, 322 E. Twelfth
Julia Levenberry, 320 E. Main
Sheridan A. Lockwood, 45 Lindley Ave.
Myrtle S. Lockwood, 45 Lindley Ave.
William A. Lontz, 416 Boardman
Emma Zetta Lontz, 416 Boardman
Charles R. La Mar, 527 Austin
Mahala La Mar, 527 Austin
Cora Larson, 209 Portland
Clara Lupton, 406 Apple
Corinne Lawton, 627 S. Central
Etta C. Liggett, 22 Geneva
Helen Lawton, 307 Apple
Marion Lance, 1009 E. Main
George Lance, 1107 E. Main
Guy Lawton, 627 S. Central
Sam L. Leonard, 14 Cottage
Mrs. M. McDonough, 307 E. Sixth
Ernest McKee, 440 S. Riverside
Martin McDonough, 307 E. Sixth
William W. McDonald, 823 E. Main
Agnes McDonald, 122 Cottage
Jacob L. McAhron, 411 Beatty
Jacob L. McAhron, 411 Beatty [sic]
Eva W. McDonald, 823 E. Main
Meldrum McDonald, 122 Cottage
Josephine McQuiston, 210 Roosevelt
Chester W. McDonald, 823 E. Main
John W. Mitchell, 28 Geneva
William Miller, 846 Taylor
Fred E. Merrick, 839 E. Main
James H. Mulhollan, 222 N. Central
Jesse Maxwell, 307 Beatty
Reuben A. Matthews, 13 Ashland
Joseph G. Martin, 624 N. Central
Ruth M. Merrick, 839 E. Main
Phoebe A. Mitchell, 28 Geneva
John May, 311 Ashland
A. Guy Mickey, 123 Tripp
Mary E. Mordoff, 611 N. Bartlett
Horace H. Mitchell, 28 Geneva
Claud H. Metz, 440 Beatty
Minnie Meeker, 315 N. Bartlett
Clarence A. Meeker, 315 N. Bartlett
Harriet May, 311 Ashland
William Mack, 215 E. Main
Clara Meeker, 311 N. Bartlett
Mary Mordoff, 611 N. Bartlett
John Mackrodt, 624 N. Central
Chester Mulhollen, 222 N. Central
Bradford L. Morser, 401 E. Fifth
Fred V. Medynski, 316 N. Central
Frank L. Minkles, 627 S. Riverside
Claud Metz, 410 N. Beatty
Robert Montgomery, 619 S. Riverside
William H. Meeker, 311 N. Bartlett
Jessie A. Mordoff, 611 N. Bartlett
Ernest V. Maddox, 26 Portland
William A. Medley, 211 Genessee
George M. Mordoff, 611 N. Bartlett
Ballard Meadows, 310 Portland
Anna C. Maddox, 28 Portland
Oren M. Murphy, 615 S. Central
Maud Murphy, 615 S. Central
William P. Mealey, 31 Roosevelt
Sarah Mealey, 31 Roosevelt
Mary E. Moore, 910 E. Main
Eunice C. Munson, 910 E. Main
Gladas H. Marsden, 329 Apple
Olive Maple, 56 N. Riverside
Stella J. Merrick, 839 E. Main
Thomas C. Mason, 722 N. Riverside
Abe L. Marquis, 722 N. Riverside
Hanna Matney, 445 N. Bartlett
Mary J. Meadows, 310 Portland
Frank E. May, 311 Ashland
Arthur A. Mosher, Hutchison & Lumsden Building
Lewis Mishler, 615 N. Riverside
Henry C. Mackey, 244 N. Riverside
Claude Miles, 32 Geneva
George I. Medley, 211 Genessee
Alfred H. Miller, 26 Cottage
Eleanor Maule, Sr., 307 E. Ninth
Eleanor Maule, Jr., 307 E. Ninth
Mrs. Osa Medley, 211 Genessee
William A. Morse, 227 E. Ninth
Ia A. Morse, 227 E. Ninth
Nellie L. Mordoff, 611 N. Bartlett
James Mulhollen, 222 N. Central
Martha A. Miller, 846 Myrtle
Lind Nelson, 40 Cottage
Charlie Nicklas, 1230 N. Riverside
Stephen Nye, 835 E. Main
Eolah Nichols, 703 E. Main
George W. Nichols, 703 E. Main
Austin H. Nelson, 40 Cottage
Robert A. Newland, 851 E. Ninth
Maud Nichols, 703 E. Main
Orbie Natwick, 1426 Euclid
Pearl Newland, 851 E. Ninth
Verne A. Nelson, back of Natatorium
Mabel Normile, 406 Beatty
Frank L. Orr, 521 Edwards
William M. Offutt Sr., 907 E. Main
Jessie Overdorf, 315 Ashland
Jeremiah O'Toole, 213 S. Central
Emily Orr, 521 Edwards
Ferdinand Osenbrugge, 401 S. Riverside
William Offutt Jr., cor. Main and Roosevelt
John W. Opp, 808 Bennett
Jack A. Overdorf, 315 Ashland
Ethel Offutt, 907 E. Main
Frank A. Piel, 533 Austin
Harry Pearce, 219 Talent
George W. Porter, 18 Almond
William Peart, 321 Ashland
Rhoda Porter, 211 Stark
Florence E. Ponting, 302 Portland
Mary Effie Payne, 721 Bennett
John A. Perl, 229 N. Apple
Clarence C. Pierce, 923 E. Main
Hallett F. Platt, 815 E. Jackson
Rosie Ponting, 1010 E. Eleventh
Prue Platt, 815 E. Jackson
Luther G. Porter, 619 E. Main
Ada Porter, 619 E. Main
Maud Philbrook, 410 N. Beatty
Clara E. Phipps, 1102 N. Riverside
Nellie M. Perl, 229 N. Apple
Guy Pierce, 923 E. Main
Mahlon Purdin, 912 N. Central
Jane E. Plymale, 301 S. Central
Maud Porter, 18 Almond
Rena B. Purdin, 912 N. Central
Bertha Pierce, 923 E. Main
Mary Peter, 401 E. Fifth
Charles H. Pierce, 923 E. Main
John Ponting, 1010 E. Eleventh
Azariah Palmer, Smith Rooming House
Claud C. Pointing, 302 Portland
George W. Pointing, 1010 E. Eleventh
Minnie Phipps, 118 Geneva
D. Edward Phipps, 118 Geneva
Morgan Payne, 721 Bennett
Mary E. Payne, 135 N. Bartlett
Frederich C. Page, 801 E. Main
Anna L. H. Pierce, 923 E. Main
Clara Phipps, 1239 N. Riverside
W. Estill Phipps, 1239 N. Riverside
George J. Parker, 607 S. Central
Maggie Peil, 533 Austin
Ben H. Plymale, 110 S. Almond
May Phipps, 328 N. Riverside
Eva Roberts, 24 Roosevelt
William D. Roberts, 17 S. Riverside
Charles N. Robbins, 215 Ashland
James E. Roberts, 40 Roosevelt
Martha C. Roberts, 40 Roosevelt
Edwin F. Robinson, 836 Taylor
Owen F. Reddy, 406 S. Riverside
Thomas Reddy, 406 S. Riverside
Goldie M. Robinson, 836 Taylor
John A. Robinson, 505 N. Riverside
Orson Rose, 136 Portland
L. Estelle Robbins, 713 E. Jackson
Collins L. Reed, 220 E. Ninth
John H. Ralston, 1020 E. Eleventh
Charles Rohr, 1137 Niantic
Albert R. Rhodes, 417 N. Bartlett
Ernest C. Rice, Tripp
Mayme Reed, 220 E. Ninth
Lydia Reed, 220 E. Ninth
Rose Robinson, 505 N. Riverside
Blanche Robertson, 608 N. Riverside
Ben Robertson, 608 N. Riverside
Frank E. Redden, 1016 Reddy
Linnie Rundlett, 103 S. Central
Herbert L. Robinson, 703 Sherman
Sarah Robbins, 215 Ashland
Edna Randle, 701 N. Riverside
Walter A. Robbins, 713 E. Jackson
Homer W. Rothermel, 108 Geneva
Ida Ralston, 1020 E. Eleventh
Count P. Roberts, 207 S. Cottage
Mary A. Roseberry, 615 N. Bartlett
Ida Chloe Robertson, 116 Geneva
Anna Robinson, Geneva and Sherman
Jacob B. Reese, Smith Apartment  House
Thomas Roseberry, 615 N. Bartlett
Floyd J. Rippey, 409 N. Riverside
Martin J. Reddy, 406 S. Riverside
A. B. Schuster, 1427 E. Main
Rose Guthrie Schieffelin, 113 Geneva
William M. Smith, 217 S. Riverside
Pauline Schuster, 1427 E. Main
William M. Stine, 514 Beatty
Harrison O. Stine, 309 N. Riverside
Hanna Stine, 309 N. Riverside
John W. Staldner, between Almond and Tripp
Belle Shearer, 832 E. Main
Henry G. Shearer, 832 E. Main
Minnie Stoddard, 1327 Reddy
Pearl Saling, 20 Tripp
Arthur B. Saling, 20 Tripp
William F. Sulenger, 208 S. Vancouver
Raleigh St. James, 319 Ashland
James W. Shirley, 28 Almond
Mary W. Shaleigh, 35 Geneva
Lovetta Swinden, 515 Liberty
Mary J. Swinden, 515 Liberty
Anna Steine, 514 Beatty
Perry R. Smith, 501 N. Beatty
Anna Smith, 501 N. Beatty
Mattie Shirley, 28 Almond
Ella B. Storm, 934 S. Central
Richard Sanders, 410 N. Bartlett
Kittie Smylie, 830 Bennett
James W. Smylie, 830 Bennett
Harry C. Stoddard, 1327 Reddy
A. Fred Stennett, 1014 E. Eleventh
Peter S. Steenstrup, 109 Geneva
Kate Stine, 321 Apple
John D. Skinner, 1020 E. Main
Mary E. Skinner, 1020 E. Main
James Suddent, 42 S. Bartlett
William H. Schultz, 213 S. Central
Miss Fern Stine, 51 Beatty
W. Arthur Shaffer, 1205 E. Main
Richard I. Stewart, 717 E. Jackson
Fred W. Shapleigh, 35 Geneva
James A. Slorah, 350 S. Riverside
Mary J. Sutton, 845 Bennett
Nancy Sullenger, 208 Vancouver
Robert A. Skinner, 1020 E. Main
Grace Smith, 217 S. Riverside
Nell Storm, 234 E. Ninth
Lena Schultz, 213 S. Central
Noah S. Townsend, 719 Bennett
Leon C. Taylor, 842 Taylor
Clinton Textor, 401 E. Fifth
George W. Thayer, 21 Genessee
B. Paul Theiss, 704 S. Central
Howard Tripp, 11 Tripp
James O. Talent, 616 Franquette
Cassie F. Taylor, 842 Taylor
Mary Townsend, 719 Bennett
Hubert G. Thayer, 21 Genessee
George W. Tealroth, 316 S. Willamette
Amanda Townsend, 227 E. Sixth
Robert S. Taylor, corner Taylor and Myrtle
Carl Y. Tengwald, 916 E. Main
Edwin G. Trowbridge, 131 Tripp
Charles P. Talent, 45 S. Central
Harry K. Tomlinson, Tenth and Vancouver
Aaron P. Talent, 245 S. Central
Carrie Tinker, 505 N. Beatty
John W. Taylor, 628 N. Central
Jeremiah F. True, 413 S. Central
Caswell W. Taylor, 839 Taylor
Geraldine Theiss, 704 N. Central
Emily Trowbridge, 131 Tripp
Henry A. Thierolf, 22 Geneva
Florence A. Thaler, 802 E. Jackson
John B. Taylor, 815 Taylor
Andrew Tackstrom, 615 E. Thirteenth
George C. Ulrich, Siskiyou Heights
Minnie L. Ulrich, Siskiyou Heights
Austin Vroman, 124 Tripp
Lattie Vincent, 305 Liberty
Walter M. Van Scoyoc, 811 Bennett
Thomas Vestat, 211 Stark
Alice Vroman, 124 Tripp
Walter L. Valentine, 1321 E. Jackson
Elmira Vinson, 144 N. Riverside
Henry Vinson, 144 N. Riverside
Ernest V. Voos, 307 E. Sixth
Maud Van Scoyoc, 811 Bennett
Oran B. Verbick, 531 E. Main
Florence Vance, 1421 E. Main
Alva J. Vance, 1421 E. Main
Horatio F. Wilson, 225 Beatty
Arthur B. Williams, 519 Edwards
Asa N. Woody, 101 Cottage
Sarah C. Woody, 101 Cottage
Willard D. Welch, 806 N. Riverside
James E. Wood, 1154 N. Court
Myra Waltermier, 1059 N. Court
Theodore C. Wicks, 815 Bennett
Elvira Wines, 641 Pine
Alexander L. Wright, 102 Tripp
Michiel G. Womack, 607 Central
Edward W. Witte, 324 Vancouver
Robert J. Wall, 630 N. Central
Dennis F. Wilson, 506 Beatty
Everett R. Wall, 623 S. Central
James B. Wood, 519 S. Central
Minnie Wagner, 820 Bennett
William B. Waltermier, 1059 Court
Maggie Wilson, 506 N. Beatty
Harry L. Wilson, 506 N. Beatty
Jacob I. Wise, 325 E. Jackson
Fannie Watson, 35 Geneva
Bessie D. Wicks, 815 Bennett
Olive Worthington, 1317 N. Riverside
Thomas Williamson, 510 E. Main
Walter B. Watson, 35 Geneva
Odis Wright, 102 Tripp
Pearl Wheeler, 811 N. Riverside
Helen T. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Olive M. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Gilbert D. Walker, 219 S. Central
Della Watkins, 504 Edwards
John A. Westerlund, 916 E. Main
Elizabeth Welch, 806 N. Riverside
Sydney Wheeler, 811 N. Riverside
Arthur S. Wells, 334 N. Apple
James E. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Willet C. Wilson, 411 N. Beatty
Josie Wilson, 411 N. Beatty
Fidelia Woods, 412 Boardman
James C. Woods, 412 Boardman
Martin W. Wagner, 820 Bennett
John J. Wilkinson, 215 E. Main
Lucinda L. Wilson, 135 N. Bartlett
William S. Weston, 723 Sherman
Edgar D. Weston, 208 E. Main
Richard L. Wimer, 511 Austin
Lucinda Jane Wilson, 135 N. Bartlett
Ella C. Westerlund, 906 E. Main
William H. Watt, 215 E. Jackson
Isaac B. Williams, 1015 N. Central
Frank Willeke, 618 E. Main
John N. Willeke, 618 E. Main
Elmer E. Wilson, 424 Beatty
Edward A. Welch, 812 E. Main
Martha Wells, 334 Apple
Harry L. Walther, Siskiyou Heights
Sarah E. Wise, 325 E. Jackson
Charrie J. Walther, Siskiyou Heights
Bessie J. Willeke, 618 E. Main
Cora F. Wilson, 225 Beatty
Edward Wilkinson, Wilkinson Building
Ella C. Willeke, 618 E. Main
Thomas Waterman, 701 N. Riverside
Clarence Wheeler, 249 S. Riverside
Mrs. Hildred Wheeler, 249 S. Riverside
Edward H. Wilkinson, over Palace of Sweets
E. W. Wall, 525 S. Central
Percy L. Wood, 220 N. Beatty
Charles B. Wilkins, 504 Edwards
Charles E. Wikstrom, 511 S. Central
Baird Worthington, 1217 N. Riverside
Grace L. Wood, 220 N. Bartlett
Bertha H. Welch, 806 N. Riverside
Etha Wall, 525 S. Central
Leo Young, 822 E. Ninth

Charles W. Austin, 220 S. Grape
Frank M. Amy, 320 S. Holly
Robert F. Anderson, 244 S. Central
William D. Allen, 311 S. Oakdale
D. R. Andrews, 510 S. Fir
Lidia M. Amy, 320 S. Holly
Clara M. Aitken, 738 W. Fourteenth
J. B. Andrews, 202 S. Orange
Moses L. Alford, 106 S. Ivy
James H. Atwell, 129 W. Eleventh
John S. Antle, 1013 W. Main
Rachel L. Alford, 106 S. Ivy
Effie L. Andrews, 202 S. Orange
Meloin M. Ahrens, 120 S. Laurel
Jeanie Brackinreed, 618 Dakota
John Barneburg, 601 W. Tenth
Charles Bossum, 446 S. Central
Joe C. Brown, 1207 W. Main
Thomas G. Burrows, 502 S. Newtown
O. Carter Boggs, 109 S. Orange
Ethel Boggs, 109 S. Orange
James W. Bates, 32 S. Newtown
John H. Bossum, 446 S. Central
John W. Barr, 824 S. Orange
Rena Barr, 824 S. Orange
Henry Bates, 32 S. Newtown
Ada Beach, 319 S. Ivy St.
T. L. Barber, 1211 W. Main St.
Martin C. Barber, 1211 W. Main
Basil M. Butler, 8 S. Orange
Editte Boyer, 821 W. Twelfth
William Barr, corner Eleventh and Oakdale
Etta Bisle, 12 S. Mistletoe
William T. Beveridge, 202 S. Oakdale
Herman E. Boyer, 821 W. Twelfth
Minnie Budge, 611 W. Tenth
Nettie A. Barneburg, 601 W. Tenth
Albert E. Brown, 407 King
Lura Berry, 611 W. Eighth
Minnie J. Burrows, 502 S. Newtown
Dora L. Berry, 611 W. Eighth
Helen Marie Brown, 1207 W. Main
Camilla Butterfield, 318 S. Hamilton
William Budge, 611 Tenth
Eunice Brand, 122 S. Mistletoe
Helen E. Behling, 122 S. Mistletoe
William W. Bates, 17 Newtown
R. F. Bootle, 432 Plum
Leslie M. Berdan, 520 S. Hamilton
Alan Brackinreed, 618 Dakota
Sydney I. Brown, 607 W. Eleventh
Charles S. Butterfield, 318 S. Hamilton
Jennie Bellinger, 404 S. Peach
John H. Bellinger, 404 S. Peach
Frank E. Bigalow, 710 Dakota
Bertha Bardwell, 1002 S. Oakdale
Claudie Bell, Hotel Nash
James D. Bell, Hotel Nash
Emma Bittner, 19 Bennett Ave.
Elgin F. Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Maggie Butcher, 604 Plum
Eric Butler, 826 W. Twelfth
Roberta Butler, 826 W. Twelfth
Edward Brims, 129 S. Ivy
Henry C. Behling, 126 Mistletoe
Joe T. Bates, 108 S. Mistletoe
Frank S. Brandon, 337 S. Oakdale
Clarence Bates, 108 Mistletoe
James T. Burns, 417 J. Street
Martha A. Brandon, 337 S. Oakdale
Melvin Bankes, 423 S. King
William J. Beacom, 216 S. Orange
Joseph N. Beckes, 421 Benson
Byron H. Butterfield, 724 S. Central
Harriet M. Butterfield, 724 S. Central
Clarence R. Boyd, 1023 W. Ninth
Bessie B. Bankes, 423 S. King
Margaret Bigalow, 710 Dakota
Cecil A. Boen, 605 S. Newtown
Charles A. Brandan, 520 S. Hamilton
Isaac W. Berry, 611 W. Eighth
George E. Boos, 112 Laurel
Dick Braley, 318 S. Laurel
Louis Bundy, 504 S. Central
Dr. Dick Boyle, 236 S. Oakdale
Carolyn P. Brown, 614 W. Eleventh
Earl C. Burke, 222 S. Central
Mrs. Jennie Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Mrs. Dora L. Boos, 112 S. Laurel
Edith Bundy, 504 S. Central
Ralph G. Bardwell, 1002 S. Oakdale
Erlem Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Grace Bratney, 742 W. Fourteenth
Robert L. Burnett, Hotel Moore
Charles R. Bowman, 317 Orange
Grace Benefiel Cotterill, 106 E. Twelfth
W. N. Campbell, corner Eighth and Mistletoe
Grover Crum, 423 N. D St.
Albert L. Cusick, 614 W. Thirteenth
Catherine Cusick, 614 W. Thirteenth
Louise Crews, 747 S. Oakdale
Edgar W. Camptell, 528 S. Grape
Gladis Curry, 530 S. Central
Arthur B. Cunningham, 322 S. Newtown
Conrad J. Carstens, 402 S. Central
Margaret Crowley, 312 S. Grape
Jennie Campbell, 528 S. Grape
Frances W. Cunningham, 322 S. Newtown
Emery W. Clawill, 1129 W. Ninth
Hattie Campbell, 714 W. Eighth
Deniel E. Clay, 506 S. Fir
Jessie Coss, 604 W. Tenth
Howard M. Coss, 604 W. Tenth
Frances Cole, 312 S. Grape
Pal V. Cooper, 510 S. Newtown
George M. Childreth, 1113 W. Eleventh
Lucile R. Conrad, 210 Laurel
Frederick T. Carriett, 706 S. Oakdale
Frank G. Carlow, 420 S. Laurel
Bernice B. Cardes, 307 S. Laurel
Ann H. Clark, 11 Chestnut
Theodore J. Conger, 1009 W. Main
Ray Cole, 312 S. Grape
Dorothy Conger, 1009 W. Main
Myrtle Clayville, 1129 W. Ninth
Margaret Cromer, 91 W. Twelfth
Eva M. Carlow, 420 S. Laurel
William M. Colvig, 8 S. Laurel
Bixford Crowell, 12 S. Orange
Henry Callaghan, 220 S. Grape
Harry Cingcade, 438 S. Fir
Theodore H. Conger, 1009 W. Main
Lula Cingcade, 438 S. Fir
Helen H. Cummings, 719 W. Eleventh
Earl Croft, Palace Hotel, Room 25
George T. Collins, 1014 W. Tenth
John T. Carkin, 319 S. Orange
Wren E. Crews, 707 S. Oakdale
Eli W. Carder, 307 S. Laurel
Cora E. Carder, 307 S. Laurel
Blanche Neff Canode, 513 S. King
Anna L. Conger, 1009 W. Main
Walter M. Clark, 510 S. Central
Vida T. Carkin, 319 S. Orange
Mary Cleveland, 920 S. Central
Richard R. Cleveland, 920 S. Central
John A. Caldwell, 16 Jeanette
Coleman A. Coleman, 1005 W. Main
John R. Carpenter, 516 S. Grape
Orvis C. Crawford, 20 S. Laurel
Amy E. Crawford, 20 S. Laurel
Blanche G. Clark, 11 Chestnut
Frank W. Cotterill, 106 W. Twelfth
Ulysses S. Collins, 1136 W. Tenth
Bertha Daley, 208 S. Ivy
John D. Dunand, 32 S. Orange
Patrick H. Daily, 135 S. Oakdale
Jennie Deming, 908 W. Tenth
Orrin L. Davis, 425 S. Oakdale
Nora Daley, 704 W. Tenth
Helen Dahl, 708 W. Eleventh
William Davis, 402 S. Central
Rebecca Ann Davis, 402 S. Central
John M. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Andrew F. Davis, 1017 W. Ninth
Samuel Dyer, 16 W. Ninth
Rose N. Davis, 425 S. Oakdale
William J. Drumhill, 414 Union
Thomas W. Derr, 820 Dakota
Carrie W. Derr, 820 Dakota
George C. Devine, 1032 W. Tenth
Emily A. Dyke, 422 S. Laurel
Clarence E. Deming, 908 W. Tenth
Clarie Derry, 507 S. Holly
Joshua M. Derry, 507 S. Holly
Jennie Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Delia Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Warren P. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Ida Davis, 517 W. Tenth
Edna H. Davidson, 1110 W. Tenth
William Davidson, 1110 W. Tenth
Mabel E. De Armond, 26 S. Laurel
Harvey H. De Armond, 26 S. Laurel
Arthur H. Davis, 416 S. Laurel
Emily De Voe, 704 W. Tenth
Anna E. Dakan, 16 Jeanette Ave.
Anna Davis, 713 W. Tenth
Helen Dixon, 528 W. Tenth
H. G. Dixon, 528 W. Tenth
Warren P. Dodge, 610 S. Oakdale
Charles Dailey, 208 Ivy
Fred K. Deuel, 1018 S. Oakdale
Ernest G. Darnell, 433 Benson
Hazel Davis, 713 W. Tenth
Pearl Davis, 1115 W. Ninth
Jonas T. Davis, 917 W. Eighth
Halbert S. Deuel, 1018 S. Oakdale
Eriom Dillow, 23 S. Grape
Hugh L. De Armond, 227 S. Oakdale
John H. Daley, 704 W. Tenth
William C. Debley, 508 S. King
Effie G. De Armond, 227 S. Oakdale
Helen L. Debley, 508 S. King
Julia Doubleday, 421 S. Front
Cave Duncan, 306 S. King
Alvas A. Davis, 517 W. Tenth
Elba Daley, 704 W. Tenth
Edward B. Davis, 336 S. Holly
Albert H. Dougherty, 411 S. Newtown
G. C. Daley, 110 E. Eleventh
Eva Daley, 110 E. Eleventh
Adam Emig, 825 W. Twelfth
Margaret Emig, 825 W. Twelfth
William Eaton, 1129 W. Main
V. J. Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Lucretia E. Enyart, 128 S. Holly
Mary E. Ellison, 705 W. Tenth
William E. Everhard, 1013 W. Ninth
Aletha Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Mattie Emerick, 104 S. Holly
Minnie Ellis, 602 Catherine
Charles M. English, 1006 S. Oakdale
John Edwards, Hotel Nash, Room 16
Morton J. Emerick, 206 S. Orange
Frank Ellison, 705 W. Tenth
Chauncey L. Earsley, 910 W. Eleventh
Hazel Enyart, 526 W. Tenth
Minnie B. Ebel, 844 Dakota Ave.
Thomas B. Ellison, 705 W. Tenth
George Eads, 25 S. Peach
Pierson D. Enyart, Sixth and Riverside
Robert R. Ebel, 844 Dakota Ave.
Everett Eads, 26 S. Holly
Edward A. Evanson, 240 S. Grape
Agnes E. Evanson, 240 S. Grape
Bertha Emerick, 206 S. Orange
Harriet Edmeades, 706 S. Oakdale
Frankie Edwards, Nash Hotel
Forrest C. Edmeades, 706 S. Oakdale
Anna Eads, 25 S. Peach
John W. Fonger, First National Bank Building
Elmer T. Foss, 713 W. Tenth
Earl H. Fehl, 521 S. Grape
Harold D. Foster, 423 Newtown
Walter Ferguson, 547 S. Front
Erastus J. Foutz, 112 E. Twelfth
Lelia Fleming, 315 S. Laurel
Hattie J. Fuller, 319 King
Grace Field, 729 W. Thirteenth
William Fletcher, 715 W. Thirteenth
William M. Fristo, 608 S. Newtown
Jennette Fuselman, 613 W. Catherine
John C. Fuselman, 613 W. Catherine
Elizabeth Ferguson, 729 W. Eleventh
Jim Fleming, 315 S. Laurel
Isaac R. Frideger, 244 S. Central
John Fikes, Peach and Hamilton
Mary M. Forbes, 722 Dakota Ave.
Benjamin F. Forbes, 722 Dakota Ave.
Isabel Fancher, 1025 W. Tenth
Lula Fisk, 906 W. Eleventh
Rollins N. Foster, 19 S. Orange
Thomas K. Flynn, 905 W. Tenth
G. Fikes, Mount Pitt
Juliette Ferguson, 729 W. Eleventh
Irving V. Fisher, 121 S. Laurel
Nettie L. Foutz, 112 E. Twelfth
Randilla Goodale, 916 W. Tenth
Joseph C. Gill, 1023 W. Eleventh
Cora A. Gay, 17 Newtown
Daniel E. Green, 230 S. Central
Harriet W. Graham, 236 S. Oakdale
Samuel B. Graham, 236 S. Oakdale
William C. Gannaway, 232 S. Grape
Helen M. Gattionkel, 239 S. Front
Frank O. Gattionkel, 239 S. Front
Hugo Gunther, 1032 W. Eleventh
Mary A. Gore, 608 Catherine
Walter S. Gore, 608 Catherine
George C. Garrett, 426 S. Oakdale
Francis M. Garrett, 426 S. Oakdale
Mary J. Goodhue, 923 W. Main
Michael Goldstein, Oxford Hotel
Delroy Getchell, 308 S. Oakdale
Alice Getchell, 308 S. Oakdale
Charles B. Gay, 17 Newtown
Ella Gaunyaw, 228 S. Holly
Henry W. Goodale, 916 W. Tenth
William W. Glasgow, 504 S. Oakdale
Leroy Guyer, 107 S. Mistletoe
Sadie E. Gill, 107 S. Mistletoe
John S. Gill, 107 S. Mistletoe
Carl Glasgow, 504 S. Oakdale
Frank A. Glidden, 416 S. King
Annie Glidden, 416 S. King
Mary L. Gudehus, corner Eleventh and Newtown
William M. Gill, 107 S. Mistletoe
Joseph Gagnon, 341 S. Oakdale
Frank W. Goodale, 916 W. Tenth
Charles F. Garrison, 1021 W. Ninth
William D. Guernsey, 312 S. King
Roy Gaunyaw, 228 S. Holly
William Garrett, 306 S. Fir
Josephine Gregory, 923 S. Central
W. H. Hamlin, 522 S. Newtown
John N. Hockersmith, 614 S. Central
Carl W. Heilbronner, 20 S. Orange
Frances W. Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Frank H. Hazelton, 1140 W. Ninth
Jessie Horick, 29 Newtown
H. Richard Hance, 712 W. Eleventh
Sylvester V. Hamlin, 522 Newtown
Lavina A. Hamlin, 522 Newtown
Nora Hamlin, 216 S. Laurel
Ford W. Hills, 525 W. Tenth
Homer H. Harvey, 106 Lincoln
Robert H. Halley, 30 S. Central
Addie Halley, 30 S. Central
Bertha Hibbard, 319 S. Central
John A. Henderson, 31 S. Orange
Herman Hafner, 28 Chestnut
Georgia Hogsett, 104 S. Newtown
Emmerett C. Hogsettt, 104 S. Newtown
Edward C. Hart, 411 S. Front
Joe Hibbard, 319 S. Laurel
William Hall, 1034 W. Ninth
Pascal J. Halley, 304 S. Ivy
Riley D. Hensen, 819 W. Thirteenth
Clarence I. Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
M. Esther Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Mary M. Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Noah G. Holmes, 34 S. Fir
John M. Heckert, 1028 W. Eleventh
Martha Hazle, 314 Evergreen
Sarah Haney, Palm Block
Lula Huson, 417 S. King
Wallace D. Hazle, 314 Evergreen
Douglas W. Hazle, 314 Evergreen
Elmer A. Hicks, 244 S. Central
Anna Hicks, 244 S. Central
Robert Holmes, 314 S. Holly
Henry T. Haswell, 609 S. Oakdale
Helen E. Hobbs, 615 Thirteenth
Chub A. Hamlin, 216 S. Laurel
Mattice Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Fern Hutchison, 106 S. Orange
Charles Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Esther Hulbert, 431 W. Eleventh
Maude A. Holmes, 314 S. Holly
Robert F. Hale, 322 S. Central
J. Herman Harrison, 707 W. Eleventh
Sam T. Howard, 815 S. Oakdale
Baxtsell Lee Hobbs, 615 W. Thirteenth
William F. Isaacs, 1105 W. Main
Irene H. Isaacs, 1105 W. Main
Anna Ingram, 306 Fourth and Ivy
Leca Irvine, 337 W. Tenth
John R. Irvine, 337 W. Tenth
Ernest W. Jaqua, 513 S. Newtown
Charles C. Johnson, 922 S. Oakdale
Lillian Jaqua, 513 S. Newtown
Otto Jeldness, 435 S. Grape
Carrie Jarvis, 822 S. Oakdale
Edwin H. Janney, 1123 W. Main
Guy Lester, 426 S. Ivy
Evan L. Jones, Nash Hotel
Beula Jeldness, 435 S. Grape
Emma R. Johnson, 922 S. Oakdale
Allison V. Jordan, 729 W. Eleventh
William C. Jones, 718 S. Orange
William Jones, 124 S. Central
George T. Jerman, 230 S. Central
Edwin C. James, 311 S. Laurel
Elysabeth Keliehor, 1019 S. Oakdale
Katherine Keliehor, 1019 S. Oakdale
Robert T. Kinleyside, 23 S. Newtown
James M. Keene, 136 S. Oakdale
Lydia Kinleyside, 23 S. Newtown
Lena Kirchgasser, 1022 W. Ninth
Margaret E. Kellogg, 601 W. Tenth
Rachel H. Kinyon, 430 S. Fir
Myrtle Kinyon, 430 S. Fir
Anna Keliehor, 1019 S. Oakdale
Pearl J. Kirkpatrick, 220 S. Grape
Barbara Koontz, 534 S. Fir
Herbert Kentner, Jr., 609 W. Tenth
Henry E. Koontz, 534 S. Fir
Wallace C. Kinyon, 430 S. Fir
Helen E. Kelly, 1124 W. Tenth
William H. Kenworthy, 127 S. Grape
John P. Kirchgasser, 1022 W. Ninth
Bess D. Kentner, 609 W. Tenth
Bragur H. Kirby, 518 S. Oakdale
Adeline Kirby, 518 S. Oakdale
Augusta Knipps, 219 S. Ivy
Blaine Klum, 328 S. Holly
Karl Knapp, 222 S. Central
Herbert C. Kentner, 609 W. Tenth
Louis Knipps, 219 S. Ivy
John W. Keyes, 16 S. Orange
Carl D. Kraath, 30 S. Central
Justus M. Lofland, 809 W. Tenth
Harry N. Lofland, 225 S. Oakdale
Almon L. Loomis, 1103 W. Tenth
George F. Lindley, 128 S. Mistletoe
William E. Lane, 219 S. Holly
Smith H. Lewis, 322 S. Newtown
Matilda Lofland, 809 W. Tenth
Lillie Anna Lewis, 332 S. Newtown
Olin J. Leonard, 323 S. King
Edith Loomis, 1103 W. Tenth
Mary A. Lane, 219 S. Holly
Harvey Leaders, 1135 W. Tenth
Andrew N. Lacey, 1125 W. Ninth
Rose M. Lacey, 1125 W. Ninth
Cecil A. Lane, corner Twelfth and Front
Eunice M. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Harold U. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Bessie Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Ada Liljegran, 320 S. Grape
Treve V. Lumsden, 610 S. Holly
Emma Lerch, 117 S. Front
Ernest W. Liljegran, 320 S. Grape
Frank Longwell, 102 S. Mistletoe
May Longwell, 102 S. Mistletoe
Walter Longwell, 102 S. Mistletoe
John W. Lawlor, 514 S. Grape
Albert L. Lawrence, 244 S. Central
Rose Loar, 445 S. Front
William W. Longwell, 102 S. Mistletoe
Lucretia Lindley, 128 S. Mistletoe
William S. Le Roy, Garnett-Corey Building, 306
Louis Le Baron, 736 S. Newtown
Henry J. La Clair, 919 S. Peach
Ralph H. Lincoln, 211 S. Laurel
Roy E. Lindley, 230 S. Central
William G. Laidley, 720 W. Eleventh
Icie Lofland, 225 S. Oakdale
Robert Roy McConochie
Clara B. McArthur, 530 S. Grape
Emelin McPherson, 112 King
Jossiale McPherson, 112 King
Frank McKay, 134 S. Ivy
Herbert McBride, 208 S. Central
Metta McBride, 208 S. Central
Ralph McKay, 244 S. Central
Elias L. McClure, 1013 W. Main
Eva McKay, 134 S. Ivy
William McGaw, 506 S. Newtown
Charles A. McArthur, 530 S. Grape
George J. McLean, 215 S. Washington
Gertrude McLean, 215 S. Washington
Eva G. McLean, 215 S. Washington
Grace McCollom, 411 S. Newtown
William H. McGowan, 16 Mistletoe
Leo J. Miksche, 818 Peach
Franklin E. Martin, 128 Mistletoe
Fred W. Mears, 624 Dakota Ave.
Sarah Blythe Mears, 624 Dakota
John Louis Magray, 821 W. Tenth
Lucille Marshall, 1113 S. Oakdale
Mabel E. Mears, 9 Mistletoe
David Muir, 1507 W. Main
Viola T. Muir, 1507 W. Main
Catherine Mears, 9 Mistletoe
Eliza J. Mears, 9 Mistletoe
George Mickey, 330 S. Fir
Mathew Medows, 816 S. Central
Sarah S. Moore, 719 W. Tenth
Caroline Mickey, 330 S. Fir
Charles H. Murray, 914 Murray
Mary W. Mathes, 141 S. Holly
D. Laskine J. Mathes, 141 S. Holly
William A. Moffett, 612 S. Newtown
Gertrude Moffett, 612 S. Newtown
Albert M. Macy, 214 S. Central
Nellie Martin, 704 S. Oakdale
Louise Mordoff, 25 S. Orange
Charles A. Meyers, 808 Dakota
William E. Mendenhall, 922 S. Oakdale
George F. Merriman, 520 S. Central
James H. Messler, Hotel Moore
William A. Messner, 504 S. Holly
Charles O. Miller, 102 S. Mistletoe
Lois F. Marshall, 920 Stewart Ave.
Vera B. Marshall, 920 Stewart Ave.
Lida Meadows, 816 S. Central
Charles F. Murdock, 806 S. Orange
Maud D. Murdock, 806 S. Orange
Carrie Morris, 713 W. Eleventh
Ida Magray, 821 W. Tenth
Christopher Moore, 1156 W. Eighth
Edith Nora Moore, 1156 W. Eighth
Sadie Messler, 236 S. Central
Henry W. Marsh, 421 Benson
Addie Mathews, 516 S. Peach
Thomas A. Mathews, 516 S. Peach
Emil Mohr, 1103 W. Main
Roselma A. Morrison, 324 S. Orange
John J. Madden, 229 S. Front
Jose B. Morona, 303 W. Eleventh
May E. Maltby, 31 S. Orange
Mayme Moore, 343 S. Grape
Isabel Neff, 516 Belmont Ave.
Horace Nicholson, 530 S. Central
Mamie Noe, 220 S. Oakdale
Clarence F. Noe, 220 S. Oakdale
Frank J. Newman, 527 S. Holly
Porter J. Neff, 516 Belmont Ave.
Gus Newbury, 32 Mistletoe
Maude Newbury, 32 Mistletoe
Cassie Nicholson, 530 S. Central
Peter K. Nally, 707 W. Main
Elmer R. Oatman, 222 S. Central
Sarah C. O'Brien, 517 S. Grape
Annie D. O'Brien, 517 S. Grape
Thomas O'Brien, 515 W. Eleventh
Mary B. Orr, 815 W. Main
Olivia Osborne, 512 Oakdale
John Osborne, 512 Oakdale
Marie Otterdahl, 845 Dakota Ave.
Patrick J. O'Gara, Thirteenth and King
Milton Otterman, 508 S. Grape
John Olmstad, 20 S. Newtown
Joseph M. O'Farrell, 326 S. Oakdale
Belle S. O'Gara, Thirteenth and King
Segourney Oatman, 222 S. Central
John H. Otter, Seattle Rooming House, 23
James H. Owens, 124 S. Central
Clara Orr, 526 S. Central
Albert E. Orr, 526 S. Central
Gladys A. Olson, 410 S. Newtown
O. J. Patton, 313 S. Grape
Henry B. Patterson, 26 Newtown
Frank Poole, 244 S. Central
Samuel P. Purdy, 206 S. Holly
Fred A. Purdin, 1034 W. Ninth
Charles H. Paul, 1025 W. Ninth
Frank M. Parker, 201 W. Holly
Martha J. Powell, 325 S. Ivy
James H. Pearson, 614 S. Central
Mary C. Pearson, 614 S. Central
Carl Phelps, 605 Dakota
Herman O. Purucker, 18 Elm
Willie Patton, 313 S. Grape
Florence Irene Plotner, 128 S. Holly
Alexander Pottinger, 713 W. Tenth
Johnnie Parker, 302 S. Grape
Foskett M. Putney, 518 Plum
Lizzie M. Putney, 518 Plum
Catherine Phillips, 208 S. Central
Charles Paul, 1025 W. Ninth
Arthur E. Powell, 528 S. Fir
Grover E. Purdin, 1116 W. Ninth
Margaret J. Potter, 453 W. Ninth
Elizabeth Purdy, 206 S. Holly
Jacob Pierce, Seattle Rooming House
Charles W. Palm, 343 S. Holly
Oscar Peterson, 514 S. Grape
Viola Pheister, 903 W. Eleventh
Rose A. Pheister, 903 W. Eleventh
Esther Palmer, 326 S. Central
Burton J. Palmer, 326 S. Central
Joseph J. Parker, 302 S. Grape
Mason J. Pilcher, 722 W. Fourteenth
Sallie Pilcher, 722 W. Fourteenth
Ida E. Putney, 508 Plum
Walter E. Purdy, 206 S. Holly
May Phipps, 328 N. Riverside
Grace Plymale, 445 S. Front
Arthur Putney, 508 Plum
Virginia Powell, 528 S. Fir
Albert H. Polly, 706 S. Orange
Leopold M. Petersen, Mount Pitt St.
Elias H. Porter, 1010 S. Oakdale
Martin L. Patton, 229 N. Ivy
Mary L. Piatt, 628 Dakota
Martha G. Piatt, 628 Dakota
John H. Polley, 726 S. Orange
Pearl Pfeiffer, 518 W. 2nd
Maude Partridge, 436 S. Evergreen
Ben F. Piatt, 628 Dakota
Nellie C. Powers, 617 Catherine
Lyle Pickel, 830 E. 9th
Edward C. Perham, 731 W. 11th
Chester Parker, 511 S. Grape
Walker Quisenberry, 424 S. King
Stella Quisenberry, 424 S. King
Charles Rinabarger, 718 S. Newtown
George Riley, 116 Mistletoe
Amanda Reynolds, 118 S. Mistletoe
Levrietrice C. Redden, 607 W. 8th
John W. Redden, 607 W. 8th
Floyd L. Russell, Seattle Rooming House
Elizabeth Reiker, 112 S. Fir
Jennie Reichstein, 422 W. 12th
Edwin C. Root, 614 Plum
Myrtle Reichstein, 429 W. 12th
Frances Rose, 144 S. Central
William C. Rice, 713 W. 11th
Lawrence Rukes, 425 S. Peach
Elizabeth N. Robinson, 517 S. Newtown
Mamie E. Riddle, 244 S. Central
Maude S. Rice, 713 W. 11th
Loretta C. Rinabarger, 718 S. Newtown
Charles E. Reed, 418 S. Oakdale
Clara Reames, 16 Laurel
Edwin J. Runyard, 706 Dakota
Clayton H. Redfield, 528 W. 11th
Lewis H. Richards, 33 S. Front
Charles D. Runyow, 425 S. Oakdale
Annie Reilley, 116 S. Mistletoe
Ethel Root, 614 Plum
Lew Rukes, 424 S. Peach
Maggie Rukes, 424 S. Peach
Albert S. Rosenbaum, 23 Mistletoe
Edward L. Roth, 120 S. Laurel
Cecelia Runyard, 706 Dakota
Larkin Reynolds, 413 Union
Mrs. Cecil Norwood Reeves, 822 W. 12th
George W. Reeves, 822 W. 12th
William D. Roberts, 206 Elm
Reuben H. Robinson, 210 S. Elm
Harriett Rundlett, 302 S. Central
Samuel T. Richardson, 39 N. Orange
William L. Reichstein, 422 W. 12th
Edward G. Riddell, 1114 S. Oakdale
Fannie Simmons, 928 S. Central
R. J. Simmons, 928 S. Central
J. E. Steward, 708 W. 10th
Herbert H. Sargent, 810 S. Oakdale
James Stewart, 325 Plum
John G. Shively, 1101 W. 10th
Alice C. Sargent, 810 Oakdale
William H. Stinson, 304 S. Hamilton
Charlotta Salter, 1101 W. 9th
Richard Schuler, 915 W. 10th
Sideon T. Shaw, 312 S. Central
Emma J. Sharp, 337 W. 10th
John W. Sharp, 337 W. 10th
Harry T. Snider, 218 S. Holly
Edward Soutter, 1109 W. 9th
Otto M. Selsby, Garnett-Corey Bldg., 403
Mary Stennett, 1014 E. 11th
Harry Schuler, 1026 W. 10th
Earl W. Short, 445 S. Front
Mary J. Steward, 708 W. 10th
Myrtle M. Stull, 532 Plum
Mary E. Smith, 522 W. 10th
William Schmidt, 540 S. Fir
Daniel J. Stull, 532 Plum
Cynthia Schmidt, 540 S. Fir
Richard Sherwood, 723 W. 13th
Francis E. Sherman, 122 S. Mistletoe
Elizabeth Stewart, 329 S. Front
Pearl R. Shriver, 425 S. Oakdale
Joe O. Sample, 726 S. Newtown
Orvis Stevenson, 146 S. Holly
Henry G. Schuette, 112 S. Fir
Francis L. Sherman, 112 S. Mistletoe
Claude L. Saylor, 532 S. Ivy
Julia Stinson, 304 Hamilton and 10th
Louis A. Saladie, 1009 S. Oakdale
Gus Stinson, 1013 W. 10th
Nancy K. Seeley, 412 S. Oakdale
Ada Stockman, 828 Dakota
Harry G. Stockman, 828 Dakota
Alma Shaw, 312 S. Central
John Sledge, 810 S. Oakdale
Francis P. Salter, 1101 W. 9th
Michael P. Schmitt, 721 S. Peach
Perry L. Scott, 416 S. Peach
Lewis C. Smith, 410 S. Newtown
Leonie M. Schmitt, 721 S. Peach
Sophenia Stewart, 324 Plum
William H. Stewart, 421 S. Grape
Roy Surran, 1035 W. 10th
Charles Strang, 416 S. Central
Mary B. Strang, 416 S. Central
Ed Skrondal, 236 S. Central
Joseph D. Sinnott, 1005 W. Main
Frank B. Sankey, 534 S. Hamilton
Walter C. Schmidt, 540 S. Fir
Sumpter Smith, 1501 W. Main
Mildred A. Scott, 416 S. Peach
Endora Soutter, 1009 W. 9th
Mildred Somers, 1134 W. 9th
Katie Sherwood, 723 W. 13th
Katty Smith, 1501 W. Main
Weston F. Shields, 41 S. Holly
Frederick G. Snedicor, 19 Mistletoe
Jennette Sample, 726 S. Newtown
John A. Sommers, 1134 W. 9th
Atlanta Satchwell, 904 W. 10th
Emma Shields, 41 S. Holly
Herbert R. Smith, 518 S. Oakdale
Gilbert R. Satchwell, 904 W. 10th
William H. Searle, 244 S. Grape
Clarence Semon, 113 S. Laurel
Estella Semon, 113 S. Laurel
George H. Tranna, 712 14th
Isaac M. Thomas, 912 S. Central
Rachel A. Thomas, 912 S. Central
Alfred S. Tee, 309 S. Newtown
Catherine M. Tee, 309 S. Newtown
Edward S. Tull, 830 W. 12th
Emma C. Tackstrom, 645 13th
Charles E. Tull, 426 S. Ivy
William B. Thompson, 713 W. 14th
James P. Tucker, 423 S. Park
Hazel B. Tice, 1130 W. 10th
Ella D. Tyrrell, 204 S. Central
John R. Tyrrell, 204 S. Central
Benjamin J. Trowbridge, 905 W. 10th
Imogene Thompson, 305 Garnett-Corey
Fred C. Thompson, 334 S. Grape
Nettie Treat, 304 S. Central
George L. Treichler, 1013 S. Oakdale
Glen O. Taylor, 506 S. Newtown
Gertrude M. Taylor, 506 S. Newtown
Otto F. Tainer, 322 S. Central
Thornley D. Thomas, 319 S. Newtown
Alice E. Trowbridge, 905 W. 10th
Fred G. Thayer, 1031 W. 10th
France Terrell, 119 S. Ivy
Harry Treat, 304 S. Central
Shirley W. Thomas, 418 S. Oakdale
Dade R. Terrett, 713 W. 10th
Lillie W. Thompson, 334 S. Grape
John D. Terrell, 119 S. Ivy
William Ulrich, 358 S. Oakdale
Cora E. Utley, Garnett-Corey, 407
Abraham Van Wyck, 123 S. Holly
Oliver H. P. Voreis, 522 11th
Sarah S. Van Dyke, 9 W. 12th
Charles Van Scoyoc, 209 S. Orange
Nannie Van Scoyoc, 209 S. Orange
Perry E. Wyncoop, 820 W. 12th
Mamie S. Whisler, 622 S. Central
Charles E. Whisler, 622 S. Central
John W. Wakefield, 1003 W. 10th
Charles Webster, 437 S. Fir
George B. Wilson, 146 S. Holly
John E. Woodruff, 1021 W. 10th
Jennie Woolworth, 320 S. Oakdale
Harry W. Ward, 417 S. King
Cora Weiser, 135 S. Oakdale
Jule Wattenburg, 810 S. Central
Blanche Wood, 539 W. 10th
Cora May Wood, 539 W. 10th
Leon E. Williams, 520 S. Peach
Britta E. Williams, 520 S. Peach
Thomas J. Williams, 615 S. Oakdale
Mary E. Wood, 539 W. 10th
Fred Wolf, 1028 W. 11th
Julia H. Wynkoop, 820 W. 12th
Albert Walters, 210 W. Main
May E. Wilson, 210 Laurel
Erthra Williams, 1031 W. 10th
Frank M. Wilson, 124 S. Central
Bridget Williams, 615 S. Oakdale
Richard Willis, 713 W. 11th
Harry G. Wortman, 912 S. Oakdale
Ella Wortman, 912 S. Oakdale
Catherine Waite, 538 W. 10th
Claxter Walker, 1417 W. Main
Jonnie Walker, 1417 W. Main
Burnie R. Wood, 539 W. 10th
Elmer Weaver, 1307 W. Main
Elmira Wilson, 229 S. Laurel
George Woolf, 325 Benson
John G. Wilson, 517 S. Newtown
Paul Wright, 714 S. Orange
Robert Wilson, 21 S. Peach
Ezra M. Wilson, 210 S. Laurel
Anna W. Walker, 44 S. Fir
Lee Watkins, 103 E. 11th
Ada K. Wilson, 517 S. Newtown
Scott Woolf, 21 S. Orange
Katie Walker, 444 S. Fir
Rosina J. Whitney, 337 S. Oakdale
Martin Waschau, 1032 W. 11th
Anna Wilson, 124 S. Central
Ira L. Whipple, 1019 W. Main
Edward H. Wild, 344 S. Central
Lula J. Witte, 324 Vancouver
Pearl L. Wilson, 146 S. Holly
David R. Wood, 734 14th
Louis B. Warner, 519 S. Oakdale
Lillian B. Woodford, 526 S. Holly
Ralph Woodford, 526 S. Holly
Clarence H. Wood, 529 W. 10th
Louis H. Whiting, 816 W. 11th
Edmund A. Watters, 1024 W. 11th
Eva Woolf, 21 S. Orange
William J. Warner, 511 S. Oakdale
George Williams, 911 W. 11th
Frank W. Wait, 538 W. 10th
Effie Watkins, 103 E. 11th
Helen N. Yockey, 421 S. Fir
W. T. York, 616 W. 10th
Leopold Zimmer, 1017 W. Main
Mabel Zimmer, 1017 W. Main

Charles Adams, 303 N. Front
Kate Adams, 303 N. Front
Bertha Allen, 141 N. Fir
Willis W. Allen, 141 N. Fir
Anna M. Arnell, 425 N. Holly
Mack Adams, 126 W. Main
Andrew J. Anderson, 439 N. Front
Bert E. Anderson, 231 W. 5th
Blanche Alexander, 535 W. Hamilton
Carrie Averill, 1031 N. Central
Benjamin J. Aydlott, 606 W. 4th
Olen Arnspiger, 711 W. Palm
Oscar O. Alenderfer, 1715 N. Palm
George W. Averill, 1031 N. Central
Ella Anderson, 439 N. Front
Frank G. Andrews, Hotel Holland
Mary E. Arkens, 917 Narregan
Richard F. Antle, 37 N. Peach
John W. Antle, 531 W. Hamilton
Harry D. Angle, 7 County Road
Florin Alexander, 535 W. Hamilton
W. A. Atkens, 734 W. 4th
Helen Arnspiger, 511 Palm
Bert Anderson, 906 W. Main
Mary J. Alsdorf, 47 N. Orange
A. C. Abrams, 311 N. Central
John Arnell, 425 N. Holly
Austin F. Barnett, 6 W. Jackson
Henry T. Burch, 109 N. Central
Carey Bremmerman, 44 N. Front
Frank R. Bellinger, 125 N. Holly
Clara Barkdull, 117 N. Central
John W. Barkdull, 117 N. Central
John H. Bowman, 326 N. Holly
Winfield H. Bailey, 31 N. Orange
Edgar W. Brous, 104 Kenwood Avenue
Henry C. Bonney, 338 N. Front
Jacob R. Buckmaster, 346 N. Front
Noah S. Bennett, 937 N. Central
Kitty Burgess, Hotel Medford
Art C. Burgess, Hotel Medford
James M. Briley, corner Third and Holly
W. H. Battle, 118 Olsen
Molly Black, 203 Olsen
John Brownlee, 539 W. Hamilton
Anna Banney, 338 N. Front
Rachel H. Balcom, 318 W. Jackson
La Salla Burton, 321 W. Jackson
Benjamin A. Bissel, 338 W. Holly
Jennie F. Briley, 232 W. Third
Arnetta Burch, 69 N. Central
John M. Bledsoe, 10 Clark
Albert S. Bliton, 618 W. Main
Ida M. Bliton, 618 W. Main
Minnie R. Bliss, 303 W. Clark
Francis A. Bliss, 303 W. Clark
Lulu Bennet, 402 W. Jackson
Robert L. Bennet, 402 W. Jackson
Sylvia Barksdull, 817 N. Central
Adelia Nola Biggings, 513 N. Grape
Anna Buffum, 207 Olsen Street
Cleone Bodge, 211 N. Oakdale
Agatha Brandenburg, 406 Sixth
Frank O. Burgess, 1518 W. Main
Leata M. Burgess, 1518 W. Main
Pearl C. Bigham, 503 N. Grape
W. E. Burton, 324 W. Jackson
John T. Bardshaw, 415 W. Knight
Belle Bennett, 937 N. Central
James Brandenburg, 408 W. Sixth
Mildred Barnard, 125 N. Holly
Minnie M. Bellinger, 125 N. Holly
W. J. Butterly, 145 N. Ivy
Lulu Bishop, 619 N. Central
George Bishop, 619 N. Central
Martha Bass, 235 N. Ivy
Herbert Balcom, 838 W. Second
Lawrence P. Brown, 22 Summit
James S. Black, 601 W. Jackson
Sidney Bristow, 437 W. Holly
James X. Bass, 235 N. Ivy
Myrtle Brooks, 32 Rose Avenue
Frances Buffum, 207 Olson
Edward G. Burgess, 34 Summit Avenue
Bertie N. Bennett, 10 N. Quince
Clarence H. Baldwin, 329 W. Second
Fred Balch, 214 W. Jackson
Katie Brooks, 425 N. Grape
Grace Burris, 622 W. Second
Addie Barnett, 6 W. Jackson
Joseph F. Brooks, 425 N. Grape
Carrie Balcom, 838 W. Second
Thomas C. Beckett, 51 N. Peach
W. J. Burbridge, 59 N. Orange
Bird L. Buckmaser, 346 N. Front
Hazel Coffeen, 509 Taft Avenue
Warren L. Cassady, 226 W. Jackson
Wilmer C. Cartwright, 147 S. Holly
Henry C. Calhoun, 311 Knight Street
Mary E. Calhoun, 311 Knight Street
Horace N. Clark, 520 Palm
Margaret Cultan, 314 N. Grape
John T. Conard, 632 Palm
Wesley R. Cultan, 343 N. Grape
James E. Crews, 511 N. Fir
Archie Crews, 511 N. Fir
Leander D. Carbett, 128 Sixth
Henry D. Carliss, 35 N. Orange
Selnia T. Carliss, 35 N. Orange
Albert A. Crane, 925 N. Central
Richard C. Curry, 891 W. Palm
Glenn B. Conwell, 218 W. Main
P. W. Chelgren, 735 Alder
Jeanette Carlton, 1310 W. Main
Charles B. Carlton, 1310 W. Main
Alwin Campbell, 725 Taft Avenue
Jeremiah H. Cooley, 409 N. Fir
Otto M. Cornetius, 28 Ross Court
Jane Carroll, 429 N. Central
Fredrick H. Cowles, 27 Ross Court
Charles S. Cole, 727 N. Alder
Ida Cole, 727 N. Alder
Etta Curry, 857 W. Palm
Freda Chelgren, 735 N. Alder
Oscar Chelgren, 736 Oak
Annette Chelgren, 736 Oak
Maggie Cartwright, 147 N. Holly
William Charley, 305 N. Grape
Meda Charley, 305 N. Grape
Orin Cornish, 19 Emerick Hotel
Amos Carpenter, 215 Knight Street
Josephine Cluny, 308 W. Knight Street
Hamil A. Canady, 204 Fruit Growers
George Creech, 332 N. Front
Bessie Campbell, 18 Summit
James S. Campbell, 18 Summit
Araminta Campbell, 725 Taft
Charles Carney, 224 Clark Street
Charles E. Collins, 104 E. Second
Wilson S. Clay, 307 N. Ivy
Elsie C. Clay, 307 N. Ivy
Robert Collote, 30 N. Front
Charles Cavanaugh, 1010 W. Fourth
Clarence L. Cottin, 623 N. Central
Albert A. Coffin, corner Fourth and Rose
John Coffeen, 516 W. Palm
Charles O. Caldwell, 38 Rose Ave.
Grace Caldwell, 38 Rose Ave.
Angos R. Carruthers, Holland Hotel
Jacob S. Canfield, 405 N. Grape
Harry Coffeen, 516 Palm
Iva Coffin, 60 Rose Ave.
Inez Coffin, 60 Rose Ave.
Amy Carns, 103 E. Jackson
James W. Dudley, 39 N. Peach
Irvin Dahack, 414 N. Front
Bella Davis, 444 N. Grape
Jesse W. Dressler, 227 N. Oakdale
John A. Davis, 430 N. Front
John L. Demmer, 609 W. Jackson
Clara Davis, 25 N. Peach
Charles Dudley, 60 N. Quince
Ida E. Dressler, 227 N. Oakdale
George W. Dick, 1524 W. Main
Minerva J. Danielson, 111 W. Jackson
Lillie M. Daron, 219 N. Grape
Emil DeRoboam, 306 Fourth and Ivy
Robert E. Doan, 125 N. Holly
Pearl H. Doan, 125 N. Holly
Anna Denhoff, 403 N. Holly
Lillie S. Demmer, 609 W. Jackson
John Demmer, 433 W. Holly
Paul Demmer, 748 W. Fourth
Scott V. Davis, 5 N. Oakdale
Ida H. Davis, 5 N. Oakdale
Nona B. Dunlap, 335 N. Central
Charles W. Davis, 25 N. Peach
Peter Denhoff, 403 N. Holly
Ruby Diday, 412 N. Grape
Katie Dye, 425 N. Quince
John A. Daron, 219 N. Grape
Grace B. Dye, 44 N. Quince
Harry C. Evans, 909 Narregan
Lois J. Evans, 909 Narregan
Clarence B. Evans, 404 W. Second
William H. Erskine, 402 W. Clark
Frank C. Elliott, 618 W. Fourth
Margaret Evans, 404 W. Second
Rankin Estes, 515 W. Hamilton
Frank H. Erskine, 604 Park
Walter M. Erskine, 414 W. Clark
Ida Edwards, 303 W. Jackson
Maggie Erskine, 414 W. Clark
Etta Erskine, 604 W. Clark
Alfred Edwards, 303 W. Jackson
William W. Eifert, 211 N. Oakdale
Clarence Eads, 626 W. 4th
Miles J. Estes, 511 W. Hamilton
Lois Estes, 511 W. Hamilton
Carl Fichtner, 415 N. Woodstock
Edwin E. French, 18 N. Peach
Thomas Francis, 107 E. 2nd
Robert Fryrer, 329 Knight
Abraham Frideger, 109 N. Central
Edward H. French, 22 Rose
Bettine French, 22 Rose
George Frees, 834 W. Hamilton
Ida Fryrer, 329 Knight
Terese M. Flynn, 315 Olson
Alfred A. Flynn, 315 Olson
John S. Foster, 107 2nd
Myrtle Flammer, 343 N. Ivy
Louis C. Fraley, 906 W. Main
Mae Frazer, 402 W. 3rd
Robert A. Flynn, 225 Hotel Medford
Bert R. Gibbs, 10 N. Front
William Gerig, 219 N. Oakdale
William T. Goulder, 25 N. Oakdale
John B. Goodrich, 230 N. Ivy
Lida T. Garnett, 223 N. Central
William P. Graham, 449 Knight
Rosema Gentry, 220 Knight
Babe Glen, 417 N. Front
Benjamin Garnett, 211 Olsen
Catherine Graham, 449 Knight
Estella Gibbs, 243 N. ivy
Henry C. Garnett, 223 N. Central
Elizabeth K. Garnatte, 31 N. Orange
Maggie Grant, 712 W. 2nd
Ray E. Griswold, 917 N. Central
Samuel Gardner, 422 N. Grape
Fred W. Gray, 507 Palm
Charles L. Griffith, 513 N. Central
Laura Goulder, 25 N. Oakdale
Elizabeth L. Garnett, 211 Olson
James M. Gressly, 417 Woodstock
Van R. Gilbert, 339 N. Front
John H. Garnett, 223 N. Central
Henry D. Grant, 712 W. 2nd
Stephen A. D. Higgins, 117 N. Central
George W. Howard, 109 N. Central
Michael J. Hickey, 216 N. Front
Carran A. Hough, 413 W. 2nd
Thomas A. Howell, 209 Iowa
Leon O. Howard, 738 N. Oakdale
George S. Howard, 925 N. Central
Alexis Hubbard, 1129 W. 4th
John Haertle, 219 Clark
Ethel Haertle, 219 Clark
Lydia M. Howell, 209 Iowa
Edward G. Henselman, 48 Rose
Harry H. Helms, 126 W. Main
Charles H. Herman, 407 N. Oakdale
Frank W. Hollis, 153 N. Oakdale
John H. Henselman, 48 Rose
Mary Hess, 723 Taft
George H. Hendrick, 310 Knight
William W. Humphreys, 112 W. Main
Cyrus T. Hamilton, 838 W. Palm
Rollin R. Hotchkiss, 335 N. Central
Maria Hitzler, 607 W. 2nd
Adelbert M. Holliday, 513 W. Palm
Edwin S. Hitzler, 338 W. Holly
Ruby L. Hitzler, 338 W. Holly
Harry H. Hicks, 224 W. Clark
Lola Hough, 413 W. 2nd
Joseph N. Harris, 503 Clark
Fred Hurst, 520 N. Grape
Dexter Hale, 219 N. Central
Lou Helms, 129 N. Grape
Dora Hess, 723 Taft
Mike W. Herman, 407 N. Oakdale
Cornelius Hitzler, 607 W. 2nd
Alva B. Hammond, 217 W. Knight
Georgina Henselman, 48 Rose
Julia Hammond, 217 W. Knight
Pauline Hicks, 224 W. Clark
Myrtle Hurst, 444 N. Grape
Luetta Hell, 503 N. Holly
Birdie Haney, 244 N. Ivy
Barton E. Haney, 244 N. Ivy
Edward D. Henderson, 422 N. Front
Jesse L. Helms, 129 N. Grape
William L. Handy, 855 2nd
Catherine L. Handy, 855 W. 2nd
Lottie M. Howard, 109 N. Central
Andrew Haertle, 219 W. Clark
Nellie W. Hoy, 23 Rose
Charles N. Hansen, 819 N. Central
Charles D. Hoy, 23 Rose
Emily Hane Hendrick, 319 Knight
Hazfel Harmon, 709 N. Alder
Charles E. Holloway, 406 W. 2nd
Anne Hanson, 819 N. Central
Pierce A. Hussey, 35 N. Oakdale
Laura Hussey, 35 N. Oakdale
Jennie Hansen, 819 N. Central
Catherine Hansen, 819 N. Central
Frankie Hollis, 153 N. Oakdale
Pete Ingram, 306 N. Ivy
Edna E. Isaacs, 532 W. Hamilton
Mary A. Isaacs, 115 N. Oakdale
Agnes Isaacs, 115 N. Oakdale
George Imes, 120 N. Front
Elizabeth Imes, 130 N. Front
Frank Isaacs, 532 W. Hamilton
Edith M. Jerome, 35 N. Orange
Anna M. Jeffrey, 146 N. Front
Nellie Jermsta, 52 Ross Court
Phillip Jermsta, 52 Ross Court
Henry A. Jansen, 44 N. Orange
Florence Jansen, 44 N. Orange
Robert H. Jonas, 10 Clark
Orville H. Johnson, 705 W. Palm
May Jorgensen, 142 N. Ivy
Thomas S. Johnston, Hotel Holland
John P. Kinberk, 747 W. Jackson
Walter M. Kennedy, 9 E. Jackson
Charles P. Kribs, 28 N. Quince
Samuel A. Kraschel, 520 W. 4th
Julia Kraschel, 520 W. 4th
Mary King, 324 W. 4th
Herman G. King, 324 W. 4th
Ina Kennedy, 621 N. Front
Otto C. King, 342 N. Ivy
Ira N. Kessler, 117 Olson
George J. Kunzman, 339 Knight
Edward Kinberk, 714 W. Jackson
Sadie Kennedy, 9 E. Jackson
Jacob Klippel, 228 N. Holly
Harry Ling, 44 N. Front
Harry Lee, 30 N. Front
Adelbert Little, 106 N. Front
Kate Leonard, 39 N. Peach
Orrin H. Lawley, 521 W. Hamilton
Mary Catherine Leonard, 444 N. Grape
John H. Lyons, 302 N. Front
Eugene LeGrand, 107 E. 2nd
William H. Lydiard, 221 W. Jackson
Noah B. Lyons, 137 N. Central
Jeannette Lebo, 735 W. Jackson
George Lindley, 716 Welch
Claude A. Leonard, 444 N. Grape
Caroline E. Lee, 235 N. Oakdale
Ethel Loar, Palm Rooming House
Joseph W. Lawton, 44 N. Front
Newton L. McGraw, 117 N. Central
Duncan C. McAlphine, 747 W. Jackson
Libbian McBride, 332 N. Ivy
Helen McCallum, 19 Ross Court
Robert L. McBride, 332 N. Ivy
Charles McClain, 1105 W. 4th
Hugh F. McLaughlin, 528 W. Hamilton
Wilban G. McCright, 122 N. Front
Amanda McNeil, 419 N. Fir
Edward McNutty, 3rd and Front
Lincoln McCormick, 41 Ross Court
Edwin W. McClain, 4th and Front
Walter McCallum, 19 Ross Court
C. B. McConnell, 413 W. 2nd
Anna M. Miller, 622 W. 4th
George H. Miller, 622 W. 4th
Charley Milligan, Rose
Alfred W. Mackie, 4th and Front
Omer W. Murphy, 610 W. 2nd
Louis P. Mego, 410 M.F.&H. Co.
Carrie Milnes, 820 Narregan
Alice Hall Morgan, 141 N. Fir
Ray V. Maurer, 330 Knight
John A. Morey, 702 W. Main
Mary Magill, 146 N. Front
Jean Marion 845 W. 2nd
Thomas Moffatt, 729 W. Jackson
William A. Miller, 330 Knight
Edgar E. Miner, 242 N. Front
Lola J. Mundy, 7 Rose
Walter J. Mundy, 7 Rose
Florence M. Marshall, 819 N. Central
William L. Miller, 524 W. 4th
Albert Moore, 439 N. Front
Emma E. Murphy, 610 W. 2nd
Otis G. Murray, 237 N. Central
Newton H. Mark, 526 N. Front
Mary Meeker, 439 N. Front
Birdeen Meyers, 1416 W. Main
Orin V. Meyers, 1416 W. Main
William C. Murphy, 15 Summit
John F. Murphy, 15 Summit
Mary L. Murphy, 15 Summit
Ambrosine Murphy, 15 Summit
Lydia Moffet, 727 W. Jackson
Clarence G. Mulholland, 221 N. Holly
Henry N. Moe, 48 Quince
Geneva Moe, 48 Quince
Charles Mason, 3rd and Front
Thaddeus W. Miles, 203 N. Oakdale
John Martin, 330 N. Front
Albert E. Martin, 320 N. Front
James W. J. Marion, 845 W. 2nd
John C. Murphy, 15 Summit
Albert S. Mack, 421 Taft
Zachariah W. Morrison, 428 W. 4th
William H. Maultby, 441 N. Grape
James S. Murphy, 23 N. Peach
William E. Merrill, 315 Olson
Maria C. Murphy, 15 Summit
Ava L.Miller, 524 W. 4th
Columbus N. Matsler, 1105 W. 4th
Esther Murphy, 15 Summit
Carl H. Mittleberger, 303 N. Holly
Ed. C. Miller, 708 W. 4th
Georgiana Miers, 44 N. Quince
Henry E. Marsh, 43 N. Peach
Daniel Maher, 107 E. Jackson
Alice Noth, 428 N. Holly
Adolphus Naylor, 121 N. Grape
Albert H. Noth, 428 N. Holly
Norton L. Narregan, 106 Clark
Tom W. Osgood, 48 N. Orange
Mehala Olson, 117 Olson
Eliza Olson, 117 Olson
Wilbain O'Hara, 230 N. Ivy
Mrs. Jule O'Hara, 230 N. Ivy
Leslie Osborne, 230 N. Ivy
Edward E. Oman, 636 W. 4th
Nettie M. Oman, 636 W. 4th
Theophilus A. Olson, 117 Olson
John E. Olson, 117 Olson
Fred W. Payne, 812 W. 4th
Lily Patterson, 302 N. Front
Ernest F. Plass, 708 W. 2nd
George W. Priddy, 40 N. Orange
Dawd H. Palmer, 235 N. Oakdale
Albert E. L. Percival, 14 Emerick Hotel
Richard Pheiffer, 518 W. 2nd
Samuel R. Pruitt, 127 6th
Harvey Patterson, West Main
Ella Foster Perry, 604 W. Main
Susie Peck, 60 N. Quince
James A. Perry, 604 W. Main
Van R. Peirson, 715 W. Jackson
John Phlegar, 51 N. Oakdale
Mary A. Peterson, 628 W. Palm
Irene Peirson, 715 W. Jackson
Katherine Peterson, 1110 W. 4th
James Peterson, 1110 W. 4th
John Peterson, 628 W. Palm
Varian A. Patterson, 302 N. Front
Simon F. Patterson, 302 N. Front
Ida Plass, 708 W. 2nd
Thomas E. Pottenger, 718 W. 4th
Laura Pottenger, 718 W. 4th
Robert W. Poelnitz, 512 W. Hamilton
Ernest H. Potter, 452 Knight
Emil R. Peck, 60 N. Quince
John E. Pierce, 718 W. Palm
Martha E. Pickel, 315 W. Main
William E. Preston, corner Central and 6th
Sophia Parsons, 126 N. Holly
Frank W. Porter, 317 W. 2nd
Helen M. Page, 107 N. Front
E. Barton Pickel, 315 W. Main
Mary Payne, 812 W. 4th
Arthur Perry, 133 W. Main
Marietta Quigley, 603 N. Fir
Lincoln Quigley, 603 N. Fir
Robert Ruhl, Room 118, Hotel Medford
Horace L. Roberts, 44 N. Front
Lewis E. Reames, 629 W. Jackson
John Reter, 415 Oak
Alavid Reame, 246 N. Oakdale
Barbara Reter, 415 Taft
Jesse Richardson, 218 W. Jackson
Marian A. Rader, 60 N. Orange
Bel Richardson, 39 N. Orange
Lizzie Louise Reame, 246 N. Oakdale
Nora Reames, 629 W. Jackson
Josephine Richardson, 218 Jackson
Alice Richmond, 917 N. Central
Bertha Reynolds, 320 N. Holly
Walter Reynolds, 320 N. Holly
Charles R. Ray, 1104 W. Main
Enola R. Ray, 1104 W. Main
Mabel Ray, 1104 W. Main
Joseph A. Reynolds, 515 W. Hamilton
William W. Rawlings, 115 Clark
Lucile Rader, 60 N. Orange
Dora E. Rawlings, 115 Clark
Laura Radcliff, 4 Clark
Bradford S. Radcliff, 4 Clark
Joseph Randles, 1504 W. Main
Frank C. Rhodes, 117 N. Central
Jacob F. Ritter, 121 E. Main
J. T. Summerville, 629 N. Central
Rosy E. Stinson, 1128 W. 4th
Pense W. Stinson, 1119 W. 4th
Ella J. Shoults, 609 Taft
Edward S. Stinson, 1128 W. 4th
William T. Shoults, 609 Taft
George C. Seymour, 840 W. Palm
Hattie W. Summerville, 629 N. Central
Joseph A. Skeeters, 20 W. Jackson
John H. Simmons, 311 W. Jackson
John Sheridan, 19 N. Peach
Mysta W. Sheridan, 19 N. Peach
James W. Stephens, 513 N. Grape
Rose Simons, 311 N. Rose
William H. Smith, 515 N. Holly
Lewis R. Schmalhausen, 22 N. Holly
Charles W. Stone, Hotel Medford
Margaret S. Soliss, 137 N. Oakdale
Rudolph Scholtz, 801 N. Central
Andrew E. Swarthout, 132 N. Ivy
Charles W. Stockam, 705 W. Palm
Frank O. Stinson, 1119 W. 4th
Myrtle L. Stull, 311 N. Central
Nellie Stiles, 114 N. Front
Dolly Swann, 114 N. Front
Ida Schermerhorn, 129 N. Grape
Isaac J. Stacy, 114 N. Front
Luella Springer, 123 Kenwood
Mannie Stinson, 324 Knight
John Sipple, 343 N. Central
Gus H. Samuels, 317 W. 2nd
Lottie V. Samuels, 317 W. 2nd
Donald Springer, 123 Kenwood
Harry U. Scholtz, 801 N. Central
John A. Smith, 140 N. Grape
Ralph W. Sutton, 207 Knight
Melville C. Sullivan, 1119 N. Central
Ellen J. Sullivan, 1119 N. Central
Charles Skeeters, 14 W. Jackson
Elsie Schnurr, 531 W. Palm
Nora Slewing, 531 W. Palm
Edith Sullivan, 521 W. 2nd
Fay Sears, 237 N. Central
Margaret P. Smith, 503 N. Holly
Charles Schleikert, 323 Knight
Grace Schleikert, 323 Knight
Lottie L. Seymour, 840 W. Palm
Alonzo Slover, 203 N. Holly
Ewald E. Schulz, 405 W. Second
Gerald Sooysmith, 303 N. Holly
Oscar E. Stinson, 324 Knight
Robert Sowers, 811 Narregan
Lydia A. Spanos, 408 W. Third
John C. Schmidt, 30 Rose Ave.
Alva L. See, 141 N. Fir
Violet L. Strompf, 30 N. Front
Daniel B. Soliss, 137 N. Oakdale
Addie Sievertson, 1106 W. Fourth
Ellen Stephens, 621 Palm
Benjamin C. Sievertson, 1106 W. Fourth
Jennie R. Stock, W. Main
Vora S. Sowers, 811 Narregan
Roland E. Swan, 711 Welch
Maud Swan, 711 Welch
John T. Sullivan, 33 N. Peach
Julia E. Skeeters, 14 W. Jackson
Mabel Stockam, 705 W. Palm
Thomas E. Scantlin, 16 N. Orange
Carl E. Swainson, 132 N. Ivy
Reuben B. Sherard, 568 W. Second
May Scantlin, 16 N. Orange
Birdie Smith, 223 N. Central
George W. Tucker, 540 W. Hamilton
George O. Timothy, 1216 Cherry
John Thorpe, 337 W. Holly
Anna Thorpe, 337 W. Holly
Blanche Toms, 502 W. Fourth
Illtid W. Thomas, 718 W. Main
Abby K. Thomas, 718 W. Main
Pearl D. Turner, 716 W. Second
Francis M. Thompson, N. Oakdale
John A. Torney, 1404 W. Main
Cora Toft, 245 N. Grape
Joseph E. Toft, 245 N. Grape
Mamie Thornton, 16 Palms, W. Main
Richard T. Verneer, 512 W. Jackson
Verne Van Dyke, 311 Olson
S. A. Van Hardenburg, 129 N. Central
Ivy Van Dyke, 311 Olson
Etta Vawter, 310 W. Main
William I. Vawter, 310 W. Main
Clarissa J. Wishey, 210 W. Jackson
Elsie Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Jay W. Wilson, 536 N. Fir
Anna Walter, 731 W. Second
Edward N. Warner, 806 W. Main
Louise M. Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Holbrook Withington, Hotel Medford
Margaret J. Wolgamott, 118 Clark
Emil Walter, 714 W. Palm
Cora Wilson, 708 W. Fourth
Alfred Weeks, 909 N. Central
John H. Wrisley, 1104 W. Fourth
Rachael J. Wrisley, 1104 W. Fourth
Sarah C. White, 516 W. Hamilton
Louisa White, 518 W. Hamilton
Ernest E. Walter, 731 W. Second
Joseph W. Williams, 513 N. Grape
Louis E. Wakeman, 129 N. Oakdale
Charles M. Wolgamott, 911 Narregan
Grace Wold, Hotel Medford
Nellie M. Wilkinson, 209 W. Jackson
Loil F. Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Daisy Wilson, 536 N. Fir
Bertice O. Wilkinson, 209 W. Jackson
Flora Welch, 512 W. Hamilton
Nathan J. Wiley, 403 W. Jackson
Mary M. Wiley, 403 W. Jackson
Emily B. Waldron, 627 N. Central
Howard A. Weld, 339 Knight
Charles D. Wineland, 616 N. Front
Fred E. Wahl, 901 N. Central
Yelma A. Wahl, 901 N. Central
Alonzo F. Waldron, 627 N. Central
Mark P. Welch, 512 W. Hamilton
Alfred L. Wallam, 939 N. Central
Raymond Ward, 30 N. Front
Olla R. Wallam, 939 N. Central
Ollin N. Wilson, 708 W. Fourth
Effie West, 513 W. Second
George H. West, 10 W. Second
William Werth, 214 Knight
Allen C. White, 341 W. Knight
Fred W. Weeks, 38 N. Orange
Jessie Wineland, 616 N. Front
Jonas Wold, 224 Hotel Medford
Eva V. Watson, 522 W. Palm
John F. Watson, 522 W. Palm
Demott Wallace, 310 W. Jackson
Lulu Young, 327 N. Grape
Ray A. Young, 327 W. Second
Charles Bruce Young, 219 Olson
Eva T. Young, 219 Olson
George B. Young, 327 N. Grape
Charles F. Young, 405 N. Central
Lena A. Young, 327 W. Second
Kate Young, 405 N. Central
Harry C. Young, 1023 N. Front
Alex L. Young, 229 Front
Medford Mail Tribune, January 7, 1913, page 3

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