The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Correspondence of the Oregon Superintendency
News articles and Southern Oregon-related correspondence with the Oregon Superintendency for Indian Affairs.

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An Odd Letter.
    The Salem Journal recently published a letter from Thos. Joe Luxillo. a Indian who is supposed to be a centenarian.
    It is an oddity. Here are some of his sayings: I am now at Chemawa where Christ's name is studied, where his word is studied by teachers and all the children. This is just the same now under the Democratic administration as under the Republican. Democrats and Republicans are alike, Christians. It is just the same now as it was under the Republican administration. I am glad that the authorities at Washington asked us to give our children to these schools. I gave mine and now they have all gone to heaven. Many others of my people have done the same. When a man harnesses two horses and one of them does not pull well and the other does his part the best he can; the work does not succeed well. It is so with the Democrats and Republicans. Here both horses work well and the school is a success. You white men, successors of Lewis and Clark, are rich and wise. When a boy I saw many a white boy come here with his parents in their wagons, poor, hungry and ignorant. It is God's goodness that makes the white men rich.
Medford Mail, January 10, 1896, page 7

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