The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Correspondence of the Oregon Superintendency
News articles and Southern Oregon-related correspondence with the Oregon Superintendency for Indian Affairs.

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The Last Rogue River Indian Dead.
    PORTLAND, Jan. 24.--(Special.)--Bob Riley, the last of the Rogue River Indians,
brought to Grand Ronde agency to 1856, died there the other day from the grip. He was 60 years old and much respected by both Indians and whites for his many
amiable qualities.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 25, 1894, page 2

She Who Married an Indian.
    Miss Adalina Lucinda Brown, the accomplished graduate of a Buffalo, N.Y. seminar who was married to a Pit River Indian in Modoc County, where she is teaching an Indian school, was formerly a teacher at Yainax Agency in Klamath County. She is a humanitarian and zealously labors for the uplifting of the Indian, negro and other neglected and somewhat despised races. Yet the nobility of the lady's ideas receives the studied contempt of the press of the coast. There may be such a thing as the lady being right and the opinion of the papers rotten.
Valley Record, Ashland, August 16, 1894, page 1

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