The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

16mm Film

Shot sheets, 16mm film reels, Watkins family donation
Donated to SOHS April 2015.

Label on reel: "Bud, Betsy, Jim/ Kids Playing abt 1928"
- Pan across facade of building (school?)
- Teenage girls walk on grass before camera
- Girls walk along pond
- Girls ride playground merry-go-round
- Girls serpentine single file
- Girls dance in circle
- Group watches swan in pond
- Shots of people walking in park
- Children playing at edge of pond
- Pan of adults sitting in park
- Boys running in open field
- Boys in three-legged race
- Boys in wheelbarrow race
- Small children play ring around the rosie
- Boys in potato sack race
- Girls in foot race
- Girls in spoon-and-egg race
- Children in crawling race
- Children playing with toys
- Boys doing somersaults
- Parade (Fourth of July?) with Uncle Sam, band
- Marching soldiers
- Children pulling wagon decorated as circus wild animal cage
- Dog pulling wagon
- Floats
- Decorated cars
- Closeup of old man

Label on reel: "Bud, Betsy, Jim abt 1927"
- Three children (Bud, Betsy and Jim?--around 10 yrs.) playing with hen and chicks
- Kids make chicks go down slide, then follow
- Rabbits and hen interact
- Children chase rabbits
- Children in tire swing
- Neighborhood kids parade with small flag
- Kids play ring around the rosie
- Kids play backyard baseball
- Two young deer with collars frolicking, being hand fed
- Beauty shots of mountains
- 360-degree pans of mountains
- Kids play leapfrog

Label on reel: "Ashland OR abt 1930"
Title card: "Crater Lake on a Rainy Day"
- Pan across lake at water level
- Pan at rim level
Title card: "Mill Creek Falls en Route to Crater Lake"
- Pans up and down falls from mid-level
Title card: "Betty-Buddy and Jimmy Attending Washington Public School, Ashland, Oregon"
- Pans across student body lined up before camera
- Shot of faculty
- Children are dismissed
Title card: "Betty's Class Going to Bible School in Methodist Church"
- Students walk before camera holding hands two by two
- Brief shot of church with cast-iron fountain
- Children do exercises
- Children stand holding hands in large circle
- Children play during recess'
Title card: "Mrs. Ann Hill Russell, Noted Pioneer, Ninety Years Young"
- Long shot of Russell carving headstone
- Closeup of her face as she carves
- Children stand before Lincoln statue in Lithia Park
- Children run in front of Butler-Perozzi fountain, Lithia Park
- Swans and ducks in pond
- Children walk on path, climb on rocks, play in park

Label on reel: "Betty, Bud, Jim abt 1927--Ranch"
- Upside-down shot of railroad tracks
- Biplanes taxiing and taking off at Medford airport--logos on sides should be legible when digitized
- Children play chase with dog
- Young tame deer
- Monkey, fox and rabbit in cage together
- Sulky races at old fairgrounds
- Bucking bronco on fairgrounds racetrack
- Monkey on ground
- Dog and Jersey heifer interact
- Dairy herd
- Turtles slide off log into pond
- Duck on land
- Closeup of bull
- Sheep gambol
- Logs are fed into lumber mill
- Plank emerges from mill
- Cutoff saw trims ends of planks
- Dignitaries outside mill
- Part on top of Mount Ashland--hiking and scenery shots
- Family searching for/picking something in bare field
- Pond
- Covered bridge
- Children with kittens
- Family car

Label on reel: "Ashland Park 1929"
- Kids sledding down snowy road
- Kids throwing snowballs, making snowman, playing in snow
- Swans in pond
- Ashland Creek
- Many beauty shots of Lithia Park in snow
- Swan chases ducks out of pond into snow
- Elk in Lithia Park zoo
- Kids running in park in spring

Label on reel: "7-T. Rach/ Park/ FISH"
- Teenagers climbing rocks
- Pan across valley from Table Rock
- Walking down trail
- Young boys turning over rocks
- Kids using huge leaves as umbrellas
- Landing trout into rowboat
- Picnic with campfire
- Old men (G.A.R.?) pose in front of truck with American flag
- Soldiers march down street
- Color guard precedes truck with old men on bed
- Women march with flags
- Children march
- Dignitaries dedicate and orate in front of large stone monument, cover it with flowers
- Honor guard fires salute
- Closeup pan of G.A.R. guys in front of monument

Label on reel: "Picking wild/ Flowers/  Grandma R/ Jim Betty/ Pat"
- Circa 1930 cars drive by on highway
- Young men and women picking flowers in field
- Closeups of flowers--lupines (?), poppies
- Pan across field and mountains
- Several shots badly out of focus
- Closeup of sitting cat
- Young people frolic by pond, on rocks, in park
- Pan across field
- Woman in fur coat holds cat
- Boy holds cat
- Boys push soapbox racer down driveway
- More cat shots
- Pans of large school buildings
- Pan inside machine shop or factory
- Shot of large electric arc

Label on reel: "Lake/ Woods"
Inside end of reel very brittle
- Young children (Betty, Bud and Jim?) play in water at Lake of the Woods
- Children wave at camera from cabin steps
- Long shot of Lake of the Woods with dock and Mt. McLoughlin visible
- Family row by in rowboat
- Mugging for camera with lake and mountain in background
- Beauty shot of lake and mountain
- Motorboat races by
- More mugging, rowing, swimming, motorboats
- Children do cartwheels
- Long shot of sailboat on lake
- Sailboat nears camera, tacks
- Ashland (?) house
- Swan and fountain in Lithia Park pond
- Children frolic on grass in park, at Butler-Perozzi fountain
-  More swan shots

Last revised April 1, 2015