The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford News 1946

Medford-related news items from 1946. Also see descriptions of Medford and Jackson County for this year.

    "Canyon Passage," the J'ville movie, comes Wed. to the Crate. If one looks close they can see Bill Hansen, the Diamond Lake hermit, in a red shirt and black hat making shakes and shaking. Pop Gates also flitted across the panorama hiding behind false whiskers. Chet Leonard shows up as a pioneer with sideburns astride a horse.
Arthur Perry, "Ye Smudge Pot," Medford Mail Tribune, July 22, 1946, page 4

    "Canyon Passage" at the Crate drew packed congregations, and faces and places known to all appeared on the screen. It winds up Wed. Bill Hansen, the hermit of Diamond Lake, showed up splitting shakes, building a pioneer fireplace, and in a fight at the J'ville saloon. While making the picture, he caught a mess of fish for the leading lady, and ran around with Andy Devine so much he can now talk like him.
Arthur Perry, "Ye Smudge Pot," Medford Mail Tribune, July 28, 1946, page 6

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