The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1882

Wagon Road Meeting at Eagle Point.
    At a meeting called Feb. 18, 1882, at Eagle Point, for the purpose of obtaining the sentiments of the people of Eagle Point and vicinity in regard to a wagon road to Fort Klamath, J. G. Grossman was called to the chair and H. C. Fleming chosen as secretary. The chairman stated the object of the meeting to be as stated above. After remarks by Wm. Simpson, A. J. Daley, M. Peterson, James Miller, J. M. Matney, A. W. Clemens, E. Emery, Charles Griffith and A. H. Osborne, a motion was made and carried that James Miller, M. Peterson, Wm. Simpson, J. M. Matney and A. J. Daley be appointed a committee to designate the route for said road, commencing at old Camp Stuart, near H. Amy's residence, and ending at the eastern boundary line of Jackson County, and to petition the County Court to grant a survey for said road from the terminus of the county road to said eastern boundary line. On motion our county papers were requested to publish these minutes. The meeting then adjourned sine die.
    H. C. FLEMING, Sec'y.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, February 25, 1882, page 3

A Serious Affray.
    A number of men working with a threshing machine near this place came to town last Sunday night and, after imbibing considerable of the ardent, announced themselves in readiness for anything that was on the programme. Shortly after this a row started between Wm. Colwell, Chas. Dodson and Tom Curly in which some of the parties engaged received nothing more than bruised heads. After this, about eleven o'clock p.m., Charles E. Hanna, a clerk in Reames Bros.' store, arrived on the scene and, making some remark favorable to Curly in the first trouble, a row was started with him in which pistols and knives were freely used. During the affray young Hanna was shot in the face by Colwell, just below the left eye, the ball ranging downward and lodging in the back of the neck near the base of the skull. After being shot and lying helpless on the ground, someone, said to be Chas. Dodson, a stranger here, rushed on him and cut his throat, inflicting a serious though not a fatal wound. Hanna was immediately removed to the U.S. Hotel and Dr. Aiken summoned and his condition at last account was so much improved as to give strong hopes of his recovery. Colwell was arrested immediately by Marshal Payne and Constable Birdsey and lodged in jail, after which the Constable and Sheriff Jacobs went to Cardwell's ranch, where the crowd was camped, and arrested Dodson. Both parties will have a hearing before Justice Huffer on Monday next, the trial having been postponed to that date on account of the absence of the district attorney and nearly all of our lawyers.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, September 16, 1882, page 2

    R.R. NEWS.--Dolson's party have finished their surveys and have been disbanded for the winter. The road is now definitely located to the Centennial Bridge across Rogue River [at Gold Hill] and two lines have been run from there to a point just below the mouth of Bear Creek--one on the north and the other on the south side of the river--and one of these lines will surely be adopted, leaving the terminus of the survey at the same point in either case. It is not likely that Hurlburt's party in the Siskiyous will do any more work this season as the surveyors are more than a year ahead of construction, and the machinery required for tunnel work on the Siskiyou Pass could not well be got there this winter. The work on the construction north of us is still progressing.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, November 4, 1882, page 3

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