The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1881

    ANOTHER PIONEER GONE.--J. N. Vannoy, of Rogue River, one of the oldest pioneers of Rogue River Valley, died at his residence last Saturday after a short illness at the age of 66 years. Deceased came to this coast from North Carolina in 1850 and has resided here since. He named and was the original owner of Vannoy's ferry crossing Rogue River and was universally respected by all who knew him. He leaves a family of [blank] children.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, September 10, 1881, page 3

    THE RAILROAD.--We had the pleasure of meeting John A. Hurlburt, of the. O.&C.R.R., this week, while on his way to the Siskiyou Divide, where he goes to locate and set grade stakes for the railroad. He informed us that six locating parties were now in the field, divided off into sections of about the same length, who are now engaged in staking out the road. Mr. Hurlburt and party will work from the divide to the Klamath River, and as soon as the chief of party arrives, J. S. and C. J. Howard will be employed in locating it from the divide this way. Just where the road will run is still unsettled, and, of course, is liable to vary some from the original survey, but we think it is settled that the road will run near Jacksonville. The report that men are now employed in grading from Roseburg this way is not true, but we are informed that work will soon be commenced and continued through the winter.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, November 5, 1881, page 3

    The government telegraph line from Ashland to Fort Klamath has been completed beyond Linkville but is not yet in working order on account of the non-arrival of the telegraphic instruments required. They are expected to arrive in a few days, when direct telegraphic communication can be had with Lake County.

"Local Items," Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, November 5, 1881, page 3

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