The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1878

    SHOOTING AFFRAY.--A young Kearneyite arrived here from California last week, and getting into a row with a Chinaman, while perambulating through Chinatown drew a pistol and fired at one of the Mongolians, but without taking effect. Marshal Helms and Deputy Sheriff Seybert arrested him and entered a charge of an assault with a dangerous weapon. Recorder Hayden fined him $10 and costs, and not having the bullion with which to liquidate is now boarding it out at the calaboose.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, October 23, 1878, page 4

     J. M. Sutton, of the Ashland Tidings, Oregon, died at that place last Monday. He was an early settler in Rogue River Valley, having arrived there in 1852.
"Pacific Coast Items," Sacramento Daily Record-Union, October 31, 1878, page 2

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