The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1875

    Dr. Belt lately amputated the left arm of John Blattner, of Jackson County, above the elbow joint. A cancer had been formed on it and was so dangerous as to render amputation necessary.
    The quartz mill of Klippel, Beekman & Johnson, on their ledges on Rogue River, is now in working order and running constantly. Mr. Klippel, who arrived at Jacksonville from the ledge, informs the Times that they have 125 tons of quartz taken out already and that the mill is pounding it up at the rate of three tons per day.
    John Bilger, of Jacksonville, says the Times, has received from his brother, William Bilger, who is in San Francisco, another test of Galice Creek quartz. The result is obtained from fifty pounds of rock taken from the Yank ledge, and subjected to the milling process, which is a more thorough way in getting at the true value. The quartz was run through in lots of twenty-five pounds each, and the inferior quality brought $38 per ton, while the better assayed as high as $78. There is a presence of both gold and silver, as also copper, which the assayers say is a sign of good silver-bearing rock.
"Oregon News," Sacramento Daily Record-Union, March 2, 1875, page 1

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