The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1870

    JACKSON COUNTY.--The official vote of Jackson County foots up a total of 1291. The Democratic majorities on the state ticket are as follows: Slater, 224; Grover, 313; Chadwick, 285;--Fleischer, 282; Patterson, 286. Fay's official majority for state senator is 11. The Democratic representatives have an average majority of 91. For sheriff, Klippel (Dem.) has 62 majority; county judge, Shipley (Dem.) has 10. The balance of the Democratic ticket is elected by by handsome majorities with the exception of Davis, for school superintendent, Turner (Rep.) beating him by 92 majority.
States Rights Democrat, Albany, June 17, 1870, page 2

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