Medford in 1921

MEDFORD. Jackson County. Population 5,756, is commercial and business center of famous Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon. It is located on the Southern Pacific railway, is the western terminal of the Pacific and Eastern railway, which line penetrates into the vast timber resources of the Cascade Mountains. The elevation of Medford is 1368 feet. The average temperature for the past 20 years was 55 degrees. The annual rainfall is from 20 to 25 inches, and the timely rains are a blessing to the valley. Medford is the gateway to Crater Lake. Auto stage every day. It has a cosmopolitan population; people from every state in the Union have come here to make their permanent homes. The following are some facts about Medford. Population, according to the 1920 census, 5756. The best paved city for its size in the world, having 25 miles of pavement; 26.21 miles of sewers; water mains 28.45 miles, ample for a city of 40,000 population. Cement sidewalks, 4 public schools, 1 high school, St. Mary's Academy, business college, conservatory of music. Modern-equipped fire department, electricity and gas for lighting and power purposes, 4 banks, public library, 4 modern hotels, 3 second class, 4 restaurants, 6 apartment houses. A weekly and daily newspaper, city park, baseball park, fair grounds, country club. Five ladies' clubs, golf club, farm bureau cooperative exchange, Chamber of Commerce. All denominations of churches. Two hospitals, opera house, 2 movie houses and a natatorium. All leading lodges and societies. Federal building and offices of weather bureau, district forestry, U.S. [plant] pathologist. Several irrigation systems. Public market, jobbing and wholesale center, aviation landing field--headquarters of forest service aviation fire patrol. Auto stages--interurban auto routes to all points of Southern Oregon, hourly service to Ashland. Auto stage to Roseburg, stops at all towns along line; also auto stage station on line from Los Angeles to Portland. Has 3 lumber mills with another large one in course of construction, to be in operation spring of 1921. Two box factories, 2 large creameries, 2 fruit [and] vegetable canneries, fruit evaporating plant, pickling and catsup works. Six fruit associations with 2 large pre-cooling plants. The territory surrounding Medford is the greatest pear country on the coast and one of the best apple-growing districts. Stock raising and diversified farming are among the greatest resources of the valley. Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Independent Telephone Co. Telegraph Western Union. Express American Railway.
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon, Washington and Alaska Gazetteer and Business Directory 1921-22,
page 254     Abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

(Jackson County)--Mayor, E. C. Gaddis; recorder, M. L. Alford; treasurer, Mary A. Webber; city attorney, J. H. Carkin; marshal, Chas. Adams; fire chief, Roy Elliott; street superintendent and water superintendent, C. W. Davis; health officer, Dr. E. B. Pickel; councilmen, J. H. Butler, J. W. Jacobs, O. O. Alenderfer, E. H. Janney, A. J. Cross, B. W. Paul.
Oregon Blue Book 1921, page 207

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