Medford in 1898

Medford Monitor-Miner, October 13, 1898, page 4
Medford Monitor-Miner,
October 13, 1898, page 4

   Ashland is in the southern part of the county, within 20 miles, by rail, of the California line. It has a population of 2,500. Medford, 12 miles north of Ashland, has a population nearly as large. Both towns have good schools and churches, and are up with the times in modern improvements, having electric light and telephone systems, and many handsome and comfortable residence homes. Medford is located nearer the central part of the valley, and has the best of advantages as regards the trade of the county. It has a distillery, a brewery and ice manufacturing plant, flouring mill, and planing mills. Medford and Ashland both do a large business in the exportation of fruits, and Medford is also the center of a large trade in the products of a pork-packing establishment.
F. D. Wagner, "Jackson County," The Resources of the State of Oregon, Salem, 1898, page 164

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