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Medford Business Directory 1886-87

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

Adkins & Webb (B. F. Adkins and B. S. Webb), hardware, stoves, paints and groceries.
W. R. Andrews, attorney at law.
Angle & Plymale (William Angle and Francis M. Plymale), general merchandise.
H. E. Baker, proprietor, Medford Farmers' Warehouse.
J. N. BANKS, proprietor, Central Hotel.
C. H. Barkdull, justice of the peace.
Frederick Barneburg, city hay scales and butcher.
W. S. Barnum, proprietor, Medford Planing Mill.
M. E. Beatty, real estate and mining broker.
Byers & Guerin (John Byers and J. T. Guerin), contractors and builders.
Byers & Jacobs (John Byers and A. S. Jacobs)
CENTRAL HOTEL, J. N. Banks, proprietor.
George H. Chick, assayer.
Childers & Son (A. and S.), contractors and builders.
L. J. Crenshaw, wagonmaker.
J. W. Cunningham, proprietor, Empire Hotel.
Mrs. M. D. Daugherty, millinery and dressmaking.
J. Delano, butcher.
J. C. Elder, dry goods and groceries.
Mrs. L. J. Foster, millinery.
C. K. Fronk, station agent and Western Union Telegraph operator.
G. Gard, carpenter and builder.
E. P. Geary, physician and surgeon.
O. Gilbert, restaurant.
Charles Hall, watchmaker and jeweler.
G. H. Haskins, books, stationery, drugs and notions.
R. F. HIGH, barber, cigars, tobacco and varieties.
J. S. Higinbotham, wagonmaker.
Olaus Holtan, merchant tailor.
Hoover Bros. (G. W. and C. M.), stoves, tin and hardware.
J. S. Howard, mayor, notary public, general merchandise, insurance and Wells, Fargo & Co.'s agent.
F. Hubbard, plows, harness and agricultural implements.
E. G. Hurt, carpenter, builder and street commissioner.
A. L. JOHNSON, banker, insurance agent and dealer in real estate.
Johnson & Spears, house and sign painters.
Kenney & Wolters (W. G. Kenney and H. H. Wolters), saloon.
H. KINNEY, quartz miner.
R. T. Lawton, real estate, insurance agent and notary public.
LYNCH & WORMAN (W. M. Lynch and E. Worman), proprietors, Jacksonville Stage Line and Medford Livery, Feed and Stage Stable.
D. W. Matthews, druggist.
W. H. McAdams, saloon.
M. A. McGinnis, editor and proprietor, Medford Monitor.
M. C. McGinnis, editor, Medford Monitor.
MEDFORD LIVERY STABLE (livery, feed and stage), Lynch & Worman, proprietors.
Medford Reduction Works Co., George H. Chick, H. E. Baker, L. Seeley, C. S. Jenkins, proprietors.
G. F. Merriman, blacksmith.
D. H. Miller, postmaster.
H. B. Miller & Co., lumber.
Noland & Ulrich (John Noland and W. Ulrich), saloon.
Payne & Retty (David Payne and Jerry Retty), livery stable.
J. Perdue, boot and shoemaker.
I. J. Phipps, real estate agent.
B. W. Powell, attorney at law, notary public and insurance agent.
Pryce & Geary (R. Pryce and E. P. Geary), physicians and surgeons.
REAL ESTATE AND BANKING HOUSE, A. L. Johnson, proprietor, general real estate and banking business.
John Robinson, city express.
S. Rosenthal, general merchandise.
Miss Maggie Sargent, principal, public school.
Shely & Jacobs, proprietors, Medford Marble Works.
C. W. Skeel, contractor and builder.
Henry Smith, general merchandise and lumber.
W. L. Smith, contractor and builder.
William Smith, blacksmith.
William M. Trimble, blacksmith.
William Ulrich, insurance agent.

Vrooman, Miller & Co. (M. Vrooman, D. H. Miller and Charles Strang), stoves, tin,
    hardware and drugs.
George S. Walton, town recorder and manufacturer, boots and shoes.
I. A. Webb, furniture.
Miss Jennie Wilcox, millinery and dressmaking.
W. F. Williamson, attorney at law, town attorney and notary public.
Daniel Wilson, saddle and harness maker.
Charles W. Wolters, confectionery and bakery.
ISAAC WOOLF, general merchandise and city marshal.
E. WORMAN (Lynch & Worman).
Medford Livery Stable ad 1886-87McKenney'sPacificCoastDirectory
McKenney's Pacific Coast Directory for 1886-7, page 1023     Names inverted and abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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