The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Business Activity

    Reflecting an unusual activity in the establishment of new business concerns in Medford during 1928, approximately 40 new business houses were opened, representing a large number of various lines of endeavor.
    A recent survey included the following new establishments: Colyear Motor Sales, East Main; Mullin's Ladies Ready-to-Wear, East Main; Brophy's Jewelry, East Main; Lincoln Grocery, West Sixth Street; Skaggs No. 2, West Main; Shangle Studios, Medford Building; Burelson's Ready to Wear, South Central; Montgomery Ward, South Central; Music Box Radio Shop, East Main; Witham Super Service, South Riverside; Adrienne Steward $15 Store, North Central; West Side Variety, West Main; Rosenberg's Dollar Store, North Central; Cloverleaf Service Station, South Riverside; Van's Bakery, West Main; Dunlop Tire Agency, South Riverside; Jackson Cleaners, Eighth Street; Oregon Tailors, South Riverside; Medford Motor Company, South Riverside; Economy Shoe Store, North Central; Ethelwyn Hoffman Shop and Town and Country Shop, in Cooley building; Cinderella Shop, South Central; Dutch Oven, East Main; Walker's Dance Pavilion, Childers building; Heck Sign Company; State Theater, South Central; Sandwich Shop, North Bartlett; Coffee Cup, South Front; Orange Lantern, North Holly; Santford-Jones Grocery, South Central, Cloverleaf Service Station, South Riverside; Sabin and Rindt Auto Company, North Riverside, Triangle Service Station, West Main; Regina, Queen of Drinks, South Riverside; Radio Service Laboratory, South Grape; Colvig Drug Store, West Main.
Medford Mail Tribune, December 31, 1928, page C8

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