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    Left Field--Alenderfer. Mr. Alenderfer hauled down a large salary with the San Francisco Seals as a heady player, and stops a great many balls in this manner. He is always in the game and has an average fielding record of 997, covering six years of play.
"Here's Their [Baseball] Records, What?"
Medford Mail Tribune, March 27, 1911, page 2   This was a joke.

    E. O. Teague sold his fine bungalow home at 737 West Jackson Street yesterday to O. O. Alenderfer, and within a week or two with his wife and son and daughter will return to Boston, Mass. . . .

Excerpted from "Local Briefs,"
Medford Mail Tribune, February 4, 1920, page 2

    O. O. Alenderfer left today on a business trip to Grants Pass and Glendale in the interests of the California-Oregon Power Company.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail Tribune, March 26, 1920, page 2

    The new exalted ruler is O. O. Alenderfer, one of the veteran members of the lodge and one of its most active and untiring workers. Under the administration of Mr. Alenderfer and his fellow officers, both appointive and elective, the lodge looks forward to continued expansion and prosperity.
"New Officers in Elks Lodge Are Installed," Medford Mail Tribune,
April 2, 1920, page 8

    Mrs. O. O. Alenderfer leaves tonight for a month’s visit with her mother, Mrs. A. E. Cunningham at Everett, Wash., and will be accompanied by her nephew, Master William Cunningham.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail Tribune, April 7, 1920, page 2

    O. O. Alenderfer is in Grants Pass making preliminary arrangements for the Medford Elks lodge celebration in that city on Thursday, April 29. The "big time" will consist, in part, of a parade, initiation, smoker, boxing carnival and banquet. Tickets are now on sale at the Elks Club.

"Local and Personal," Medford Mail Tribune, April 17, 1920, page 2

    The Alpha Delta class of the Christian church will hold a social at the home of Mrs. O. O. Alenderfer, 337 West Jackson, Thursday afternoon, at 2:30.
“Local Briefs,” 
Medford Mail Tribune, May 24, 1920, page 2

    O. O. Alenderfer returned last night [from] a short business visit at Klamath Falls.
“Local Briefs,” 
Medford Mail Tribune, June 9, 1920, page 2

    Messrs. Buchter and Alenderfer motored to Grants Pass today on business connected with the California-Oregon Power company.
“Local Briefs,” 
Medford Mail Tribune, September 29, 1920, page 2

    Among the new latest business changes and new concerns started in Medford are the expansion of the Medford Iron Works and the building of its new plant following the purchase by Harry D. Mills of a half interest in the growing concern, the entrance of O. O. Alenderfer as partner into the People’s Electric store, and the establishment of the new real estate firm of Carley and Campbell. . . .
    The move by Mr. Alenderfer into business for himself and his consequent resignation from long years of service with the California-Oregon Power company is a surprise. He will be an equal partner of A. B. Cunningham, who recently bought out the interest of A. B. Wahl, in the People’s Electric Store. Many friends and acquaintances wish these well-known young men success and prosperity in their venture.
    H. L. Walter, local manager of the California-Oregon Power company in speaking of Mr. Alenderfer’s ceasing his 11 years' connection with the company during which he held responsible positions, said today:
    "He’s a very capable and valuable man, possessed of business ability, and I hate to lose his services. He has my best wishes for a deserving success."
Medford Mail Tribune, October 8, 1920, page 6

    The many friends of Mrs. O. O. Alenderfer, who was operated on in Sacred Heart hospital Wednesday, will be glad to know she is getting along nicely.
“Local Briefs,” 
Medford Mail Tribune, Dec. 17, 1920, page 2

Oscar O. Alenderfer (Ina C.) (People’s Electric Store), home 737 West Jackson
1921 Medford city directory

People's Electric Store (A. B. Cunningham, O. O. Alenderfer), electrical contractors and dealers
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1921-22, page 254
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1923-24, page 299

People's Electric Store (A. B. Cunningham, O. O. Alenderfer), electrical goods, 212 W. Main

R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1925-26, page 270

    Unless the Medford contractors of concrete sidewalks fall into line with the city administration's new stipulations of materials for such sidewalks, there is a possibility of the city itself going into the business of laying concrete sidewalks, it developed at last Tuesday night's city council meeting. . . .
    This kind of paving has long proven very successful in Pacific Coast cities, as Mayor O. O. Alenderfer and City Engineer Fred Scheffel learned on their visit of inspection to Seattle some time ago, when they were shown specimens of this kind of paving laid in that city five years ago, and not yet showing cracks or any practical wear.
"City May Go into Concrete Walk Business," Medford Mail Tribune, October 7, 1926, page 3

O. O. Alenderfer is high priest and prophet of the Ashland Hillah temple (Shriners).
“Shriners from Northwest to Flock to Reno for Week-end Celebration,” Oct. 19, 1931 Nevada State Journal, page 6

Medford Chamber of Commerce, Olin O. Alenderfer, president; Charles T. Baker, secretary, 1 E. Main

People's Electric Store (Arthur B. Cunningham, Oscar O. Alenderfer), electrical supplies, 212 W. Main

R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1931-32, page 163

    Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Alenderfer moved this week from the Vawter apartments to their home on South Oakdale.
Medford News, September 10, 1943, page 2

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