The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Correspondence of the Oregon Superintendency
Southern Oregon-related correspondence with the Oregon Superintendency for Indian Affairs.

Aboriginal War Paint Pit.
Coos Bay News.
    J. E. Rose lately discovered on his place the original pit dug by the Indians to get their war paint. The pit is on a corner of the extensive bank of mineral paint, the discovery of which was mentioned a short time since. Close to the edge of the slough, where the late high tides made encroachments on the bank, can be seen a quantity of blue clay, which some say was also used by the siwashes in years gone by, but if it was, it need never be used by them again, as, since the advent of the whites, poor Lo looks blue enough without paint. It would be interesting to know just what the noble red man did do with these varieties of clay, but Coos Bay whiskey has made such inroads in their ranks that Indians who were old enough to drink it when the bay was first settled have long ago departed to the happy hunting grounds, or some other place, and the process by which they converted the clay into paint is liable to remain a mystery.
Morning Oregonian, December 8, 1885, page 3

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